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Coriolis mass flow meter

The coriolis flow meter consists of a sensor and a transmitter. The coriolis mass flow meter is equipped with digital signal processor (DSP)-based digital transmission equipment, boasting high measurement accuracy and extensive capabilities, as well as excellent reliability. It integrates digital closed-loop vibration control (DLC) signal processing, sensor calculation and diagnostic functions. Furthermore, allowing for on-line node configuration, fault diagnosis and data logging directly through HART or PC via Modbus to communicate with the communicator and calculating process volume flow, cumulative volume and component ratio.TS series flow meters can also provide coriolis gas flow meter, coriolis controller, density and temperature online in real time.

The Coriolis mass flow meter offers several benefits, including:

High accuracy: Coriolis mass flow meters provide high accuracy in measuring mass flow rates. They can achieve accuracy levels of 0.1% or better, making them ideal for use in critical applications where precision is essential.

Direct measurement: Unlike other flow meters that require complex coriolis flow meter calculations to determine mass flow rates, Coriolis meters directly measure mass flow rates. This eliminates the need for additional equipment and reduces the chances of errors due to calculation.

Multi-variable measurement: Coriolis meters can also measure other fluid properties, such as density and temperature, which makes them ideal for use in applications where multiple variables need to be monitored.

Low maintenance: Coriolis meters have no moving parts, which reduces the need for maintenance and reduces the risk of equipment failure.

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