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Chlor-alkali industry

Mass flowmeter can directly display the density of alkali solution at a specific temperature and the corresponding concentration of alkali solution.


The Coriolis mass flowmeter can directly display the alcohol precision in addition to the density, concentration and flow.

Trade settlement


In order to know your ship's condition, it is very important to measure these parameters, such as flow, and analyze real-time data results.


With this information, you can take corrective actions before process changes affect equipment performance and cause downtime.


We work in order to always be cutting edge and always be up to novelties and challenges what entails these evolutions.

Foam board

Corrosion inhibitor refill

Sinopec polyethylene

Pulp/slurry density

Metallurgical industry

Dye intermediate

Sinopec industry

Power plant

Pesticide intermediates


Nuclear hydrogen

Fine Chemicals


Testing bench



Mobile well cementation

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