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Thermal mass flow meter

A thermal mass flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of a fluid, such as a gas, by measuring the amount of heat absorbed or lost by the fluid as it flows through a sensor. The sensor typically contains a heated element and one or more temperature sensors. The heated element raises the temperature of the fluid, and the temperature sensors measure the temperature of the fluid before and after it passes through the heated element. The difference in temperature between the two sensors is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the fluid. The thermal mass flow meter can be used to measure the flow rate of a wide range of gases and is commonly used in industrial processes, such as chemical production and natural gas measurement.

As a professional thermal mass flow meter manufacturer, Sincerity Group specialized in rosemount thermal mass flow meter for natural gas manufacturing.Thermal mass flow meters are suitable for all industrial and test platform applications that require fast, accurate gas measurement. The insertion thermal mass flow meter directly indicates the mass flow or standardized volume flow of the gas without any additional pressure and temperature compensation. They have impressive high accuracy, short response times and a very wide flow range, with almost no loss of accuracy even at the lowest flow.

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