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V shape coriolis mass flow meter

V shape coriolis mass flow meter

● V-shape bent tube design 
● For all industries, and all process and custody transfer applications. 
● Universal measuring coriolis flow meter principle for liquids and gases
● Multivariable measurement- simultaneous measuring of mass flow, density, temperature
● High measuring accuracy: typically ±0.2%, ±0.1% o.r., optionally: ±0.05% 
● Measuring principle independent of the physical fluid properties and the flow profile
● Easy to install (low risk of gas bubble inclusion)
● No recalibration required after fluid change
● No installation straight line necessary 
● No temperature or pressure compensation necessary 
● No periodical recalibration required

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The mass flowmeter consists of a sensor and a transmitter. The mass flow meter is equipped with digital signal processor (DSP) -based digital transmission equipment, and integrates digital closed-loop vibration control (DLC) signal processing, sensor calculation and diagnostic functions, and has high coriolis flow meter density measurement accuracy and extensive capabilities. And excellent reliability for you. On-line node configuration, fault diagnosis and data logging can be performed directly through HART or PC via Modbus to communicate with the communicator. The flow meter will not only calculate the process volume flow, cumulative volume and component ratio. TS series flow meters can also provide mass flow, density and temperature online in real time.

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Details about coriolis mass flow.Coriolis mass flow meter is a device for measuring the flow and density of a substance flowing through v-shaped tube.

Product introduction

Coriolis mass flow meters are the most accurate measuring method in the world. The coriolis flow meter working principle and measuring principle are used in a wide range of different branches of industry, such as the life sciences, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, food, and- no less importantly - in custody transfer applications. Coriolis density meter can measure virtually all fluids: cleaning agents, solvents, fuels, crude oil, vegetable oils, animal fats, latex, silicon oils, alcohol, fruit solutions, toothpaste, vinegar, ketchup, mayonnaise, gases or liquefied gases. 


The Sincerity DMF series micro bend V-shape is the standard high performance coriolis mass flowmeters for the process industry. The U shape bent tube meter offers superior performance and high accuracy in virtually any application. From process control in (petro) chemical applications to concentration measurements in the food and beverage industry to custody transfer filling and transport measurements in the oil and gas industry. Its high-end options also make the DMF-1 Series U-shape the optimum device for cryogenic media like Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with temperatures down to -200°C / -392°F as well as applications involving high operating temperatures (up to 350°C / 662°F) or pressures (up to 1000 barg / 14504 psig).


Coriolis flow measuring principle

Each coriolis type flow meter has one or more measuring tubes which an exciter causes to oscillate artificially. As soon as the fluid starts to flow in the measuring tube, additional twisting is imposed on this oscillation due to the fluid’s inertia. Two sensors detect this change of the tube oscillation in time and space as the “phase difference.” This difference is a direct measure of the mass flow.

In addition, the fluid density can also be determined from the oscillation frequency of the measuring tubes. The temperature of the measuring tube is also registered to compensate thermal influences. The process temperature derived from this is available as an additional output signal.


How does a Sincerity Coriolis flow meter measure mass flow and density? 

Coriolis mass flow measurement is the MOST ACCURATE FORM for a flow measurement for a wide range of industrial processes. Each coriolis mass meter has one or more measuring tubes.

As soon as the fluid starts to flow in the measuring tube, additional twisting is imposed on this oscillation due to the fluid's inertia. Two sensors detect this change of the tube oscillation in time and space as the “phase difference.” 
Phase difference= mass flow
Oscillation frequency= density 


Product Details

Beijing Sincerity, 32 years of experience, excellence in coriolis type mass flow meter production.

Advantages of a Coriolis type flow meter:

1.Accuracy of measurements 2.High repeatability 3.No dependence on flow direction
4.Lack of moving parts 5.The minimum required tech. service 6.Ability to work with very viscous substances

OEM Nameplate

We support OEM lables. We can customize everything on lables for you, even for the inner software.

Waterproof hole 

Waterproof & Explosion- proof threading hole. 
With explosion proof rate of ExdibIICT6Gb. 


Connections can be specially customized based on your own requirements. GB Flange/ ANSI/ DIN/ JIS Flanges / threaded connections/ Tri-clamp connections, etc.  

Integrated type/ Separated type

Can be customized as your requirements. For the high temperature measurement with more than 150℃, it is recommended to use the separated type. Standard cable length of 1 meter. 


4-20mA, 0-10KHz, Standard RS 485 communication protocol, HART 



We can customize the materials for you as your requirements, including SS316L, HC Hastelloy, SS 2205 steel, Titanium, C4 HASTELLOY, etc. 


Choose your own customized coriolis flowmeters





Most common

CNG/ LNG/ LPG dispensers

High viscosity & high pressure applications

Pipeline size




Minimum flow rate




Maximum flow rate





Flow range calibrated can be compressed. The classic typical type with more than 30 years histroy.

More popular with cng/lpg/lng dispensers, with even smaller size with most advanced technology.

More popular with pipeline size bigger than dn80, with smaller size and lower pressure drop. Most suitable for high viscosity liquids.

Specifications of coriolis flow transmitter

Flow Range

 See charts below


 ANSI, DIN, JIS, or Sanitary Tri-Clamp flanges, etc. ( Connections can be customized)

Maximum Pressure

 16 bar (230 psi), [Optional 40 bar (580 psi), up to 1000 bar (14504 psi)]

Body Material

 304 Stainless Steel

Measuring Tube Material

 316 L SS, HC Hastelloy, 316L SS + PTFE, HC + PTFE, etc. ( materials can be customized)

Process Temperature Range

Integrate Type

 -50 to 15°C (-58 to 302°F)

Remote Type (-R)

 -50 to 35°C (-58 to 662°F)

Ambient Temperature

 -40 to 55°C (-40 to 131°F)

Working Humidity

 (5 to 95%) RH at 25°C (77°F)

Flow Accuracy

 0.2/ 0.1/ 0.05% (Liquid), 0.5% (gas)

Density measuring


 0.2 to 3.0 g/cm3


 ± 0.002 g/cm3, ± 0.001 g/cm3


 0.001 g/cm3

Temperature Accuracy





 ATEX, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001


 RS485 (RTU Modbus), HART (-HART option)

Pulse Output

 0 to 10 kHz

Current Output

 4 to 20 mA

Power Supply

 24VDC, 220VAC (universal power source option)

Model DMF-1Description
1Suffix CodeProcess Connection SizeMeasuring Range

V1010mm0-1t/h For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V1515mm0-3.5t/h For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V2020 mm0-5.5t/h For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V2525mm0-20t/h For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V5050 mm0-40t/h For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V6565mm0-50t/h For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V8080 mm0-100t/h For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V100100mm0-200t/h   For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V125125mm0-300t/h  For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V150150mm0-500t/h   For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V200200mm0-700t/h  For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V250250mm0-800t/h  For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.

V300300mm0-1000t/h  For high viscosity liquids/ gases, etc.




3CodeSensor Temperature (Above 250°C and below -50°C the transmitter are separated installation.)

A-50-150 °C

B-50-250 °C

C-50-350 °C




XXWith customer specified pressure
5CodeMaterial of wetted parts

AStainless Steel 316L

CHastelloy C

DInner Wall Surface with PTFE spray(Large size only)

ESpecial Order: With customer specified material
6CodeProcess Connection

FFlange          GB/T 9123.1-2000 ANSI Weld Neck Flanges-ANSI Bl 6.5

WSanitary connection

LThreaded connection

TSpecial oder, with customer specified connection 
7CodeSensor Housing

AStainless Steel 304

BStainless Steel 316L

AIntegrative Installation

BSeperate Installation(connector length),with holder
9CodeTransmitter Temperature

A-20~50 °C

B-40~80 °C

A4-20mA (Instant flow rate/density) 0-10KHz( Instant flow pulse output ), RS485 Modbus RTU

B4-20mA (Instant flow rate/density) 0-10KHz( Instant flow pulse output ), RS485 Modbus RTU,HART
11CodeTesting Certificate

FFactory, Factory certificate

IGB, Third party certificate


13CodeTransmitter Housing;                    

BDiecasted aluminum alloy housing Wiring Hold Size: M2Ox1.5

CDiecasted aluminum alloy housing Wiring Hold Sze: 1/2"NPT
14CodeExplosion Prrof

AExd ib ll CT6 Gb
15CodeProtection Grade

ModelNominal line sizeMaximum flow rateWorking PressureConnection type
inchmmlb/minkg/h MPa
DMF-1-V103/8"104010000~4Flange 10
DMF-1-V151/2"1513035000~4Flange 15
DMF-1-V203/4"2020055000~4Flange 20
DMF-1-V251"2537010,0000~1.6Flange 25
DMF-1-V502"50150040,0000~1.6Flange 50
DMF-1-V803"803700100,0000~1.6Flange 80
DMF-1-V1004"1007400200,0000~1.6Flange 100
DMF-1-V1255"12511100300,0000~1.6Flange 125
DMF-1-V1506"15018400500,0000~1.6Flange 150
DMF-1-V2008"20025800700,0000~1.6Flange 200
DMF-1-V25010"25029400800,0000~1.6Flange 250
DMF-1-V30012"300370001,000,0000~1.6Flange 300

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