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Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow Meter
Mass Flow Meter
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A mass flow meter is a type of flow meter and is a device that accurately measures the mass flow rate of a fluid moving through a pipe. Mass flow rate differs from volumetric flow rate – which measures volume per unit time. Mass flow rate measures mass per unit time. Mass flow measurement is the basis of most recipe formulations, material balance determinations, billing, and custody transfer operations throughout industry. With these being the most critical flow measurements in a processing plant, the reliability and accuracy of mass flow detection is very important. Coriolis mass flow meter measurement is the basis of most recipe formulations, material balance determinations, billing, and custody transfer operations throughout industry. With these being the most critical flow measurements in a processing plant, the reliability and accuracy of mass flow detection is very important.

The two flow technologies that are used to measure mass flow are inertial and thermal. Inertia meters, known as Coriolis flow meters, use the Coriolis effect to measure mass flow rate. When a fluid is flowing in a pipe and it is subjected to Coriolis acceleration through the mechanical introduction of apparent rotation into the pipe, the amount of deflecting force generated by the Coriolis inertial effect will be a function of the mass flow rate of the fluid. Thermal mass flow meters also measure the mass flow rate of liquids and gases directly and the function on the principles of heat transfer using a heating element and temperature sensors.

Gas mass flow meter working principle

An industrial thermal mass flow meter measures either the mass velocity at a point in aflowinggas, or the total mass flow rate through a channel or pipe. Learn more about thermal mass flow meter technology used to measure gas mass flow meters more efficiently.

Benefits when using our gas mass flowmeters:

High accuracy 

Compact design

Excellent repeatability for a reliable process

Equipped with an on-board gas conversion model

Database with customer selectable gases

Reduction in cost of ownership

Ultra-low flow gas mass flow meter with pump for catalyst application:

Analysis of coating application for car headlamps using gas density meter

Gas flow meter for leakage test of air ducts


Gas Mass Flow Measurement

Positive displacement meters collect a fixed fluid volume, release and refill the fluid, then tally the times the chamber is filled to quantify flow.

Flow measurement devices rely on the flowing stream's strength, as it prevails over a known constriction and indirectly calculates flow.

Technical Data for Sincerity TMF- Series Mass Flow Meters

0.5sccm – 6000 slm Full Scale

Standard Specifications (Contact Beijing Sincerity for available options.)


TMF -Series Mass Flow Meter

Accuracy at calibration conditions after tare

± 1% of Full Scale

High Accuracy at calibration conditions after tare

±0.5% of Full Scale

High Accuracy option not available for units ranged under 5 sccm or over 3000 slm


± 0.2% Full Scale

Zero Shift and Span Shift

0.2% Full Scale / ºCelsius / Atm

Operating Range / Turndown Ratio

1% to 100% Full Scale /100:1 (200:1 optional)

Maximum Measurable Flow Rate

100% Full Scale

Typical Response Time

<500 ms

Leakage Rate

1×10-9 atm ·cc/s He


Operating Conditions

TMF -Series Mass Flow Meter

Mass Reference Conditions (STP)

25ºC & 14.696 psia (standard — others available on request)

Operating Temperature

0 to +50 ºCelsius

Humidity Range (Non–Condensing)

0 to 90%

Maximum Internal Pressure (Static)

145 psi(g)/10bar(g) optional: Max.1450psi(g)/100bar(g)

Pressure Differential (Inlet to Outlet)

145 psi(d)/10bar(d)

Proof Pressure


Mounting Attitude Sensitivity


Ingress Protection




Wetted Materials


316L 417J1 Stainless Steel, Viton, Heat Cured Silicone Rubber, Glass Reinforced Polyphen

ylene Sulfide, Heat Cured Epoxy, Aluminum, Gold, Steel, Silicon, Glass. If your application demands a different material, please contact Grylls.


Communications / Power

TMF -Series Mass Flow Meter

Monochrome LCD or color TFT display Integrated multifunction button

Display Mass Flow, Cumulative Flow, conversion gas coefficient and other functions

Digital Communications Options1

RS-232 Serial / RS-485 Serial / Modbus RTU / PROFIBUS / EtherNet/IP / DeviceNet /


Analog Signal2 Options

0-5 Vdc / 1-5 Vdc / 0-10 Vdc / 4-20 mA

Optional Secondary Output Signal2

0-5 Vdc / 1-5 Vdc / 0-10 Vdc / 4-20 mA

Electrical Connection Options

9-pin D-sub (DB9) / 15-pin D-sub (DB15) / RJ11

Supply Voltage

24 Vdc / ±15Vdc

Supply Current

under 500slm : 0.50 Amp ; above

500slm1 .0Amp

1. The Digital Output Signal communicates Mass Flow, Cumulative Flow.

2. The Analog Output Signal and Optional Secondary Analog Output Signal communicate your choice of Mass Flow, Cumulative Flow.



TMF -Series Mass Flow Meter



Gas conversion coefficient V2.0

Gas conversion coefficient provides 60 Preloaded Gas Calibrations: See the following page for a complete list.

If your application calls for a gas not on this list, please let us know. We can also calibrate to a wide variety of complex gas mixtures.




Range Specific Specifications

Full Scale Flow Mass Meter 1

Mechanical Dimensions 2

Process Connections3

TMF-series 0.5-10 sccm

TMF-series 10-100 sccm

TMF- Standard series and Digital series

4.72”H x 3.15”W x 1.22”D


G1/4” Female Thread

TMF-series 100-500 scmm

TMF-series 500-1000 sccm

TMF-series 1000-2000 sccm

GM-Intelligent series

TMF-series 2-5 slm

4.92”H x 2.76”W x 1.14”D

G3/8” Female Thread

TMF-series 5-20 slm

TMF-series 20-30 slm

TMF-series 30-100 slm


5.12”H x 3.74”W x 1.38”D


G3/8” Female Thread

TMF-series 100-200 slm

TMF-series 200-300 slm

TMF-series 300-500 slm


6.30”H x 6.89”W x 2.91”D


G1/2” Female Thread

TMF-series 500-1000 slm

TMF-series 1000-2000 slm

TMF-series 2000-3000 slm

TMF-series 3000-6000 slm

6.30”H x 6.89”W x 2.91”Dx2

Double G1/2” Female Thread

1. Lower Pressure Drops Available mass flow meters please contact Sincerity.

2. See drawings for metric equvalents.

3. Compatible with tube, face seal, push connect and compression adapter fittings. VCR and SAE connections upon request.

TMF-Standard series and Digital series




TMF-Intelligent series




TMF-Standard series and Digital series 30slm-300slm



TMF-Intelligent series 30slm-300slm


 TMF-Digital series



TMF-Intelligent series



Appendix: Sincerity Gas conversion coefficient V2.0



*For more single gas coefficients or mixed gas coefficients, please provide the specific heat and density of the gas medium and contact Beijing Sincerity for calculation.

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