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Working Principle And Advantages Of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Working Principle And Advantages Of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter


In chemical reactions, heat transfer, etc., mass flow meters are used mainly to measure mass-related processes. All of these processes require accurate flow measurement. There are numerous types of mass flowmeters available in the industry. However, the Coriolis meter is the most widely used type.

In contrast to other flow meter technologies, Coriolis meters tend to measure the mass rate of flow directly, rather than volumetric flow, as is the case with other flow meter technologies.

Working principle of coriolis flow meter

In essence, the Coriolis Effect is one of the forces of inertia that affect tube oscillations. You can see an example of it in a garden hose. When water flows through it, it wriggles like a snake.

When work starts the drive begins to push the tube. Hence, it starts to fluctuate with a certain frequency. The sensors are located on the two sides and record current vibration parameters (without flow).

When the tube is not filled, both ends oscillate in the same phase. On the graph of frequency oscillations, the sinusoidal at the input will be equal to the parameters at the output.

A U-shaped tube guides the flow. Due to the Coriolis acceleration acting in opposite directions on either side of the applied force, the fluid flowing through the tube will cause it to rotate or twist when an oscillating excitation force causes it to vibrate.

This action causes the tube to twist. When the tube is moving downward during the second half of the vibration cycle, it twists in the opposite direction.

This twist results in a phase difference (time lag) between the inlet side and the outlet side and this phase difference is directly affected by the mass passing through the tube.

Advantages of coriolis flow meter

Coriolis flow meters can measure a wide range of fluids which are often incompatible with other flow measurement devices. Flow meters operate independently of Reynolds numbers, so they can measure extremely vicious fluids as well. In addition to Newtonian fluids, non-Newtonian fluids, slurries, compressed gases, and cryogenic liquids can also be measured with Coriolis flow meters.

Mass flow rate is independent of density, unlike volumetric flow rate, which changes with density changes. Coriolis flow meters provide direct mass flow measurements without the need for external measurement devices.

Coriolis flow meters have outstanding accuracy. The base accuracy is commonly on the order of 0.2%. In addition, the flow meters are linear over their entire flow range.

The rangeability of flow meters is usually on the order of 20:1 or greater. Coriolis flow meters have been successfully applied at flow rates 100 times lower than their full scale flow rate.

From one instrument, a Coriolis flow meter can measure mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, fluid density, and temperature.

The operation of the flow meter is independent flow characteristics such as turbulence and profile. Therefore, upstream and downstream straight run requirement and flow conditioning are not necessary. They can also be used in installations that have pulsating flow.

Coriolis flow meters do not have internal obstructions witch can be damaged or plugged by slurries or other types of particulate matter in the flow stream. Entrained gas or slugs of gas in the liquid will not damage the flow meter. There are no moving parts witch will wear out require replacement. These design features reduces the need for routine maintenance.

The flow meter can be configured to measure flow in either the forward or the reverse direction. In revere flow there will still be a time or phase difference between the flow detector, but the relative difference between the two detector signals will be reversed.

Coriolis flow meter designs are available witch allow for use in sanitary applications, and for the measurement of shear sensitive fluids. Materials are available to permit the measurement of corrosive fluids.

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