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Characteristics, working process and development of mass flow meter

Characteristics, working process and development of mass flow meter


Features of mass flow meters

The thermal mass flow meter has high detection accuracy, wide range, high reliability and low maintenance cost. When measuring the mass flow of a fluid medium, the density of the fluid medium can also be measured. Its output signal is 4-20maDC analog signal, and can output frequency signal at the same time, which can be better compatible with the computer, so it can form a complete intrinsically safe system. Due to the above-mentioned characteristics of mass flow meters, although they are expensive, they are very popular in industrial automation production processes, so they have been rapidly promoted and applied.

Work process of mass flow meters

Although the mass flow meter manufacturers are different, the principle of the sensor industry remains the same. When the fluid medium passes through the excitation coil, the measuring tube will vibrate, and the fluid medium will generate a Gordles force in the vibrating tube. Because the Gothic force generated by the fluid medium at the inlet and outlet of the measuring tube is equal in size and opposite in direction, the vibrating tube will be twisted. At this time The fluid medium passes through an electromagnetic detector or a photoelectric detector, and converts the distortion generated by the measuring tube into an electrical signal and outputs it to the transmitter for further processing. The transmitter converts the incoming electrical signal into a low signal or a binary signal, then transforms and amplifies it, and then outputs an electrical signal or frequency and pulse signal proportional to the flow and density. According to the title, the range ratio has something to do with the pressure drop, but it really has little to do with its working principle or working process.

The status of mass flow meter is promoted in the development

Mass flow meters are rapidly developing in today's market economy. Information automation has become the main driving force for the development of this era, and with the advancement of information automation technology, it is deepening in all walks of life, especially in the mass flow meter industry. The flowmeter has created infinite possibilities. The coriolis flow meter applications in the industry is becoming more and more extensive, which further illustrates the importance of information automation to mass flow meters. Only when the development of information automation is fully prepared, To meet the test of the market, mass flowmeters can achieve rapid growth.

Around life, there are always a lot of choices about various equipment and word-of-mouth publicity from consumers, so that we can bring diversity and development changes to our market development in various fields. At the same time, there are also some devices that have rapidly improved their status in the industry by virtue of their simple operation, powerful functions, and craftsmanship, allowing us to play an important role in field cooperation and market expansion. Mass flowmeters That's it.

Each piece of equipment has its own industry value, and often occupies an important position in the industry. The powerful functions of the coriolis mass flow meter now make the market have more significance for the development of the industry. The simplicity and convenience of equipment operation have virtually given more confidence in equipment operation, allowing us to find more suitable for our own development in field cooperation and market development. Consumers and customers are invisibly If such equipment is affirmed in China, it will play a more important role in terms of sales and market, and the influence of status will continue to increase. In the highly competitive market, it will also bring us more development surprises. Status It has also improved invisibly.

In order to occupy a place in the market, mass flowmeters must have strong strength, no matter how powerful competitors they face, they can easily overcome them, and they can also give satisfactory answers to various requirements put forward by users. Mass flowmeters can only gradually move forward with such a development goal. I believe that with the joint efforts of people in all industries, mass flowmeters will become bigger and stronger, and the domestic mass flowmeter market will also usher in greater growth. Expansion capacity.

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