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What circumstances is the vortex flowmeter suitable for high quality and low price

What circumstances is the vortex flowmeter suitable for high quality and low price


Which type of vortex flow meter to use should be based on the chemical and physical properties of the measured medium, and the pipe diameter, total flow range, lining material, metal electrode and output current of the vortex flow meter should be selected according to the material characteristics. It can be integrated into the characteristics of the measured medium and the regulations of flow measurement.

1. Substances that can be accurately measured

Each type of vortex gas flow meter has a flow limit in itself, and the size of the instrument panel is as consistent as possible with the pipeline. The selection of instrument panel specifications (specifications) is not necessarily the same as that of the process pipeline. It should be determined whether the measured flow range is within the water flow range. However, when the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed under this water flow, it is necessary to reduce the gauge size to increase the water flow in the pipe to obtain satisfactory measurement results.

2. Selection of precision problems

Accuracy level, for the instrument panel, the higher the accuracy level, the higher the price, and the correct selection can ensure economical development. For example, places for foreign trade transactions, commodity work handover and power energy measurement and verification should choose higher precision levels, such as 1.0 level, 0.5 level, or higher; for process management places, choose different precision according to operating regulations Level; some places just to check the total flow of the whole process, without manipulation and measurement verification, you can choose a slightly lower accuracy level, such as 1.5, 2.5, or even 4.0, at this time you can use high-quality and cheap plug-in vortex street flow meter.

3. Selection of vortex level transmitter

In the accurate measurement of saturated water vapor, the VA piezoresistive vortex liquid level transmitter is selected, because the vortex flowmeter has a wide measurement range, so in specific applications, it is generally important to consider that the total flow rate for accurate measurement of saturated water vapor should not be less than The lower limit of the vortex flowmeter, in other words, it must be considered that the flow rate of liquid water should not be less than 5m/s. Vortex transmitters of different specifications are used according to the size of the steam consumption, and the specifications of the smart transmitter cannot be selected based on the current process pipeline specifications.

4. Selection of digital display instruments

The digital display instrument is an intelligent flow display instrument, which has the functions of regulator compensation, instantaneous flow display and cumulative flow accumulation. This item and the fourth item above are actually combined. It is more convenient to directly purchase the integrated temperature and pressure compensation.

5. Selection of working pressure compensation temperature transmitter

Because the saturated water vapor pipeline is long and the working pressure fluctuates greatly, it is necessary to choose working pressure compensation, fully consider the corresponding relationship between working pressure, temperature and relative density, and only use working pressure compensation in accurate measurement, because the saturated steam pressure of the pipeline is 0.3 In the range of -0.7 MPa, the measuring range of the temperature transmitter can be 1MPa.

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