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The advantages and disadvantages of mass flow meters

The advantages and disadvantages of mass flow meters


Mass Flow meters are referred to in a variety of variations, they all are referring to the same principle of operation.Thermal mass flow meters operate on the principal that a flow stream produces a rate of heat transfer, where heat is removed and cooling takes place, that is proportional to the mass flow of the media. With thermal dispersion measurement, the more flow there is, the less able the probe is able to retain heat in the flow stream.Thermal mass flow meters are widely used gradually, but some customers are still not very familiar with this type of flow meters. We will introduction thermal mass flow meter advantages and disadvantages in details.

Advantages of mass flow meters:

1. Direct measurement of mass flow meter with high measurement accuracy.

2. The vibration amplitude of the measuring tube is small, which can be regarded as a non-moving part, and there are no obstructing parts and moving parts in the measuring pipeline.

3. It can measure a wide range of fluids, including various liquids with high viscosity, slurries containing solids, liquids containing trace gases, and medium and high pressure gases with sufficient density.

4. The measured value is not sensitive to fluid viscosity, and the change of fluid density has little effect on the measured value.

5. The pair is not sensitive to the flow velocity distribution of the upstream flow, so there is no requirement for the upstream and downstream straight pipe sections.

6. It can do multi-parameter measurement, such as measuring the density at the same time, and derive the concentration of the solute in the measurement solution.

Disadvantages of mass flow meters:

1. Zero point instability forms zero point drift, which affects the further improvement of its accuracy, so that many types of instruments have to divide the total error into two parts: basic error and zero point instability measurement.

2. The measurement error of low-density medium and low-pressure gas is large; the gas content in the liquid exceeding a certain limit (varies according to the model) will significantly affect the measured value.

3. Coriolis mass flow meter is more sensitive to external vibration interference. In order to prevent the influence of pipeline vibration, most types of flow sensors have higher coriolis flow meter upstream downstream requirements for installation and fixation.

4. The wear and corrosion of the inner wall of the measuring tube or the deposition and scaling will affect the measurement accuracy, especially for the thin-walled measuring tube.

5. It cannot be used for larger pipe diameters and is currently limited to less than 300mm.

6. Most models of CMF are larger in weight and volume.

7. Some products have large pressure loss, which is equivalent to volumetric instruments, and some models are even 100% larger than volumetric instruments.

Sincerity Group has developed over years to manufacture the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters industries. Through continuous research, development and transformation, we have become the leader of the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters industries in China.

Sincerity mass flow meter manufacturers has powerful technology knowledge over the flow meter industries. The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter are suitable for different kinds of industries--- high requirements testing experiments of universities, research institutes; and also the petroleum, medicine, metallurgy, electricities industries.In addition, the Coriolis mass flow meter can be also functioning as a general density meter which does not necessarily require further preference of temperature, viscosity.

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