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Working principle and purchase instructions of turbine flow meter

Working principle and purchase instructions of turbine flow meter


How Turbine Flow Meters Work

A turbine flow meter is an impeller-type instrument with a relatively simple vortex flowmeter working principle. A turbine is placed in the center of the pipeline of the turbine flow meter body, and the two ends are supported by bearings. When the fluid passes through the pipeline, it impacts the turbine blades and generates a driving torque for the turbine, so that the turbine can overcome the friction torque and fluid resistance torque and generate rotation. In a certain flow range For a certain viscosity of the fluid medium, the rotational angular velocity of the turbine is proportional to the fluid velocity. Thus, the fluid flow rate can be obtained from the rotational angular velocity of the turbine, so that the fluid flow through the pipeline can be calculated. At the same time, the rotational speed of the turbine can be detected by a sensing coil installed outside the casing.

Turbine flowmeter is a kind of velocity-type flowmeter. Turbine flowmeter is divided into customized gas turbine flow meter and liquid turbine flowmeter according to the different measuring medium. Among various flowmeters, turbine flowmeters are products with high repeatability and better accuracy. Such as simple structure, less processing parts, light weight, easy maintenance, large flow capacity (the same caliber can pass through the flow) and can adapt to high parameters (high temperature, high pressure and low temperature) and so on. Turbine flowmeters are widely used in the following measurement objects: petroleum, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas and cryogenic fluids. It is widely used in foreign transshipment and gathering stations of liquefied petroleum gas, refined oil and light crude oil, as well as the first and last stations of large crude oil pipelines for trade settlement.

What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing a turbine flowmeter

Now the turbine flowmeter is more and more widely used, and various brands emerge in an endless stream. If you want to get better support and our advantages, it is recommended to make a comprehensive judgment based on the actual situation and understand the actual situation of various brands. Naturally You can understand which brand has the better use advantage, and at the same time, you need to formulate the price positioning of the entire industry, better judge the cost performance of different brands, and avoid unnecessary impact caused by blind standards. Let's take a look at the problems that need to be paid attention to when purchasing a digital turbine flow meter with the sincerity group!

1. Understand the industry price positioning

First of all, it is recommended to understand the price positioning of the entire industry, and to understand the price positioning of the industry to determine which brand has a more reasonable positioning, and which brand has better performance and higher cost performance, so this will be very good for choosing to buy. Advantages, avoid blind selection, cause unnecessary impact, and it is likely to affect the future use process, it is recommended that you make a comprehensive judgment based on these details.

2. Understand the brand and shop around

When choosing a brand, it is recommended that consumers understand the actual situation of various common brands and the production and processing technology of vortex flow meter manufacturer, so as to better determine the advantages of production and processing, and avoid unnecessary effects caused by the use process.

3. Stable performance of flowmeter

The stable performance of the vortex flow meter can naturally avoid various problems, which can not only prolong the service life, but also ensure a higher comprehensive cost-effectiveness.

Fourth, reasonable maintenance

Once again, proper installation and reasonable application, and reasonable maintenance should also be paid attention to, so as to ensure that its service life is fully extended and avoid various failure problems in the actual application process, because the longer the use time, the cost of the one-time investment will be obtained. With reasonable control, the cost-effectiveness of the application will be comprehensively improved. If various faults and problems are frequently repaired during use, the cost of use will naturally be directly wasted, so the cost-effectiveness will be reduced.

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