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Why do industrial automation choose mass flow meters?

Why do industrial automation choose mass flow meters?


With the processing of social development progress, in order to catch up with the pace of the times, enterprises have been pursuing faster and more efficient, but while pursuing speed, they have not forgotten the pursuit of quality and technology. The same is true for the mass flow meter industry.

With their simple operation, powerful functions and exquisite craftsmanship, mass flow meters have rapidly improved their status in the industry, allowing us to play an important role in field cooperation and market expansion.

Three Significant Benefits of Mass Flow Meters

1. The measurement and control of flow is not inaccurate due to fluctuations in temperature or pressure.

For most flow measurement and control systems, it is difficult to avoid system pressure fluctuations and temperature changes of the environment and medium. For ordinary flow meters, fluctuations in pressure and temperature will cause large errors; for mass flowmeters/mass flow controllers, they are generally negligible.

2. Precise quantitative control of flow

Mass flow controllers can precisely control a given amount of gas, which is particularly useful for flow control of many processes, proportional control of different gases, and so on.

3. Automation of measurement control

The coriolis mass flow meter/mass flow controller can output the flow measurement value as a standard electrical signal output. In this way, it is easy to realize digital display of flow, automatic measurement of accumulated flow, automatic data recording, computer management, etc. For the mass flow controller, it can also realize the automatic control of the flow, and it can be easily connected with the computer for automatic control.

Today, with the rapid development of the market economy, mass flow meters have created infinite possibilities for mass flowmeters. The application of mass flow meters in the industry is more and more extensive, which further illustrates the importance of information automation to mass flowmeters. In the development of information automation, it is fully prepared to meet the test of the market, and the mass flowmeter can achieve rapid growth. The same is true for the mass flow meter industry.

To occupy a place in the market and to become a leader in the industry, mass flow meters must have strong strength. No matter how powerful competitors are, they can easily defeat them, and they can also meet various requirements put forward by users. Give a satisfactory answer. Mass flowmeters can only gradually move forward with such development goals. I believe that with the joint efforts of all industry people, coriolis type mass flow meters will become stronger and stronger, and the domestic mass flow meter market will also usher in a larger market. Expansion capacity.

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