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What is a vortex flow meter?

What is a vortex flow meter?


Features of vortex flow meter:

1. No moving parts and mechanical wear, low failure rate, good reliability, up to 40,000 hours

2. Wide range ratio, high measurement accuracy (0.75%-2%), repeatability 0.2%-0.5%

3. It can be used to measure the flow of gas, liquid and steam, and can also be used to measure the flow of high temperature, high pressure, corrosive and dirty media.

4. Output the original signal bit digital pulse signal, without zero drift, not affected by temperature, no signal lag, easy to accumulate measurement, etc.

5. Easy installation and simple maintenance

6. Small pressure loss

7. Poor vibration resistance. Vortex flow meter is a vibrating flow measurement instrument. In the case of static or small flow, pipeline vibration has a particularly great influence on the measurement. In the case of vibration, DSP can be used to process the signal.

The structure and principle of precession vortex flow meter

For the measurement of gas, since its density is greatly affected by temperature and pressure, in order to accurately measure the volume flow of the gas medium, it is necessary to track the temperature and pressure of the detection medium at the same time, and convert the gas flow under different conditions into a standard state. volume flow. With the development of science and technology, the precession turbine flow meter has been developed from the non-intelligent type to the intelligent type, the function has been further improved, and the stability has been further strengthened. The following briefly introduces the structural characteristics of the intelligent precession vortex gas flow meter.

The structure of the wholesale vortex flow meter

The precession vortex flowmeter is mainly composed of four parts:

1) The precession vortex flow sensor is composed of a vortex generator, a shell, a vortex detection group, and a vortex rectifier;

2) The vortex meter totalizer consists of a casing, a temperature interface, a pressure interface, a display window, and an output interface;

3) Temperature sensor assembly;

4) Pressure sensor assembly.

Main feature of customized vortex flow meter

1) It integrates temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer, which can detect the temperature, pressure and flow of the working medium, and perform automatic compensation and automatic correction of compression factor, and can directly detect the standard volume flow of gas or saturated steam mass flow.

2) No mechanical moving parts, not easy to corrode, good reliability and stability, no maintenance for long-term work.

3) Parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow can be displayed on the LCD) screen, and can be interfaced with other automation systems by 4~20mA standard analog signal output.

4) The machine can work with the built-in battery, and can also be powered by an external power supply.

5) With explosion-proof function, it can be used in places with explosive danger.

Turbine Flow Meter has the characteristics of high accuracy, good repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, and simple structure.

Liquid flows through the turbine casing, causing the internal rotor to rotate. When the rotor rotates, an electrical signal is generated in the pickup coil. This signal is converted to engineering units (liters, cubic meters, gallons, etc.) on the applicable local display. Optional accessory modules can be used to export signals to other devices.

Make sure the vortex flow meter model meets your specific needs. For your future reference, if this information becomes unreadable on the turbine, it may be useful to record it on the nameplate of the manual. See the nameplate for your custom product specifications.Welcome to contact us.

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