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Installation requirements and installation precautions of turbine flow meter

Installation requirements and installation precautions of turbine flow meter


Liquid turbine flow meter installation requirements:

1. When installing the turbine flow meter, it should be kept away from the external electric field and magnetic field, and if necessary, effective shielding measures should be taken to avoid external interference.

2. The turbine flow meter can be installed horizontally and vertically, and the fluid direction must be upward when installed vertically. The liquid should fill the pipe and there should be no air bubbles.

3. During installation, the direction of liquid flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrow indicating the flow direction on the sensor housing.

4. During installation, the fluid in the pipeline must be full to ensure accurate measurement.

5. The upstream end of the vortex flow meter should have at least a straight pipe section with a length of 10 times the nominal diameter, and the downstream end should have a straight pipe section with a length of not less than 5 times the nominal diameter. The inner wall should be smooth and clean, free from dents, scaling and peeling, etc. defect.

6. The axis of the pipeline of the sensor should be aligned with the axis of the adjacent pipeline, and the gasket used for connection and sealing should not penetrate into the inner cavity of the pipeline. At the same time, air bubbles in the pipeline should be avoided during installation, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected.

Notes on installation of liquid turbine flow meter:

1. In order to eliminate the influence of uneven flow velocity distribution in the pipeline on the measurement accuracy, the upstream and downstream of the flow sensor should have a certain straight pipe section, or install a rectifier to replace part of the straight pipe section. Generally, the upstream straight pipe section is not less than 15D, and the downstream straight pipe section is not less than 5D (D is the nominal diameter of the flow sensor).

2. When the measured liquid contains solid impurities, a filter should be installed upstream of the flow sensor. Generally, the flow sensor has a smaller diameter and more meshes. The installation position of the filter should be considered to facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the filter screen.

3. When the liquid is mixed with gas or the liquid that is easy to be vaporized, an air separator (air eliminator) should be installed.

4. When the flow rate through the flow sensor is too large, the bearing life will be too short. Usually, the flow rate is adjusted to an appropriate size through the valve, and the valve should be installed downstream of the flowmeter.

5. In order not to interrupt the fluid transmission during maintenance, a stop valve is usually installed upstream and downstream of the flow sensor, and a bypass pipeline is set at the same time, and it should be ensured that the bypass pipeline does not leak when the bypass valve is closed during measurement.

6. If there is a possibility of reverse flow, a check valve should be added to prevent the reverse flow of the fluid.

7. The flow sensor should be concentric with the pipeline, and the sealing ring should not protrude into the pipeline.

8. In order to avoid gas accumulation in the flowmeter, the flowmeter should not be installed at a higher point of the horizontal pipeline.

9. If the stainless steel turbine flow meter is installed at the low point of the pipeline, a discharge valve should be installed on the pipeline to discharge the sediment regularly.

10. The front and rear pipes of the flow sensor should be supported firmly so that there is no obvious vibration.

11. When cleaning the newly laid pipeline, a short pipe should be connected to the part where the flow sensor is installed, and the flow sensor should be installed after the cleaning is completed.

12. When the temperature of the fluid needs to be measured, it should be measured at a length of 5 times the nominal diameter of the pipeline downstream of the flow sensor.

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