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Use of flow meters

Use of flow meters


When to use plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter

The plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used to detect the flow rate of the conductive medium in the sealed pipeline, including some media with strong corrosiveness, strong acid or strong alkali. Therefore, the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in petrochemical, papermaking and industries.

The advantages of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter are relatively less affected by the density, viscosity, pressure and other numerical values of the measured medium, and the measurement is more stable and accurate. Because of the different installation methods of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter, there is no need to split the measuring pipeline for the installation and maintenance of its sensor, so it is also suitable for construction sites that cannot be temporarily, and can open operations on the previous pipeline.

The inserted electromagnetic flowmeter is simple in structure, including measuring tube (no lining required), electrode, excitation coil, iron core, and yoke shell, so the reliability and stability are relatively high

The measuring caliber of the pipe of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is very wide, and both small and large calibers are very suitable.

In the selection of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter, considering its easy maintenance, installation, long life, vibration resistance, and good compatibility, the development and use of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter have a good prospect.

How to use the thermal gas mass flowmeter correctly and what should be paid attention to when using it

The use of various flow meters can still complete the measurement of the flow of certain media. As long as you are concerned, you can also find that there are many different types of flowmeter equipment that can be paid attention to. Thermal mass flow meters have become For the equipment that will be used in the current enterprise, what matters should be paid attention to when using such a flow meter.

The first point is to do a good job of checking the flowmeter. When using the thermal gas mass flowmeter, it is still necessary to do the corresponding inspections, perform periodic inspections, check the surrounding environment of the instrument, remove dust and dirt, confirm that water and other substances have not entered, check whether the wiring is in good condition, and check Whether a strong electromagnetic field device is newly installed near the meter, or check whether there is a new wire passing through the meter.

The second point is to find out whether there is a measurement error. After running for a period of time, the indicator shows that it is not working properly, first check whether the power supply is good, whether the pipeline is leaking or not full, whether the pipeline has air bubbles, whether the signal line is damaged, whether the output signal of the converter is normal, and do not blindly complete the removal .

The third point is to do a good job of sensor inspection. When using this flowmeter, you should pay attention to the inspection of the flowmeter sensor. Only in this way can you ensure that the flowmeter can be checked against the flow rate through such a flowmeter, and data errors can be avoided.

The current thermal gas mass flow meter can indeed become an instrument that will be used in some industries at present, but as long as it is used for this instrument, we must pay attention to these aspects to ensure that it can be used. The role of flow meters.

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