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Reasons for sudden stop of measurement when mass flowmeter is in use

Reasons for sudden stop of measurement when mass flowmeter is in use


The mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flowmeter, and can also measure the density of the medium and indirectly measure the temperature of the medium. Since the transmitter is an intelligent instrument with a single-chip microcomputer as the core, more than a dozen parameters can be derived for users to use according to the above three basic quantities. The mass flow meter is flexible in configuration, powerful in function and high in cost performance. It is a new generation of flow meter.

The reasons for the sudden stop of measurement when the mass flowmeter is in use:

1. Oscillation. The introduction of the U-shaped double-tube flowmeter design greatly reduces, but does not completely eliminate the influence of common mode oscillation on the mass flowmeter, because the external oscillation introduced by the pipeline system can cause undesired oscillation methods of the sensor. If the external oscillation frequency is equal to or close to the frequency of the sensor drive system, it will disturb the drive control system of the instrument, causing the flow tube to oscillate unstable or stop vibrating.

Mass flowmeter is a relatively accurate, fast, reliable, efficient, stable and sensitive flow measurement instrument, which has a wide range of application value in gas and other fields. As long as the coriolis type mass flow meter is properly installed and used, it can effectively improve the measurement accuracy, reduce labor input, and improve economic benefits.

2. Sediment and suspended matter. Mass flow meters can calculate the mass content of one component in a solution or slurry of two components. Accurate density measurement must be avoided: deposits adhere to the wall of the measuring tube or solid particles are deposited from the suspension, and the occurrence of too low flow rates should be minimized.

3. Entrained air bubbles. When the flow meter is used for liquid flow measurement, the thermal mass flow meter emerson will stop working when the mist gas content reaches a certain volume content. These bubbles damp the oscillations of the measuring tube used to generate the Coriolis force, which should dissipate the gas before the sensor. If this is difficult to achieve, reduce the gas content as much as possible, that is, increase the pressure in the sensor as much as possible, and maintain a high liquid flow rate to ensure that the bubbles are evenly dispersed into smaller bubbles.

After understanding the above-mentioned reasons for stopping measurement when the custom mass flowmeter is in use, I believe that everyone has further study and understanding. If you want to know more information, please contact us.

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