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How to choose liquid turbine flow meter

How to choose liquid turbine flow meter


Liquid turbine flow meters can display total flow, instantaneous flow and percentage of full flow. The integrated meter can display many flow units, including cubic meters, gallons, liters, standard cubic meters, standard liters, etc., and can set fixed pressure and temperature parameters to compensate for the gas, and the pressure and temperature parameters do not change much. , the instrument can be used for fixed compensation accumulation.

There are many types of liquid turbine flow meter signals and configurations. First of all, you must understand the characteristics and functions of each type of flowmeter, and choose the one that is suitable for your field use.

Pulse sensor type, without on-site display, output three-wire original pulse signal, non-explosion-proof.

Transmitter type, without on-site display, external supply 24VDC, output 2-wire 4-20MA, explosion-proof.

Intelligent battery powered type, on-site display of instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, powered by lithium battery, no signal output, explosion-proof type.

Power supply intelligent type, on-site display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, external 24V power supply, output two-wire 4-20MA, RS485 communication interface MODBUS protocol.

After selecting the type, the diameter of the equipment should be selected according to the diameter of the pipe to be measured and the physical properties of the medium to be measured. The commonly used nominal diameter is DN4-DN200. According to the corrosiveness of the medium, judge whether a dual-phase steel impeller or a 316L meter is required. body. When the medium temperature is higher than 80°C and lower than 150°C, it is necessary to select a flow meter device with a high temperature structure. The standard MODBUS protocol of the liquid turbine flow meter, if the HART protocol is required, it needs to be customized, so it must be explained in advance. The choice of installation method, the liquid turbine has threaded connection, flange connection, special form and clamp connection. Different connection methods can be selected according to the field use and withstand voltage level. In conclusion, the selection of liquid turbine flow meter requires detailed and accurate parameter information.

Problems to be paid attention to in the maintenance of vortex flowmeter:

1. Most of the failures of the wholesale turbine flow meter are the wear of the turbine bearing and the stuck impeller. Users only need to replace the bearing or remove the sundries on the impeller to solve this kind of failure. However, the turbine flow meter is a tightly installed precision surface, and the replacement of accessories or re-installation will cause changes in the appearance coefficient. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, the appearance coefficient should be re-calibrated and changed after the replacement of accessories or re-installation.

2. The appearance coefficient of the custom turbine flow meter will change with the increase of operation time or the replacement of parts, so the turbine flow meter should be calibrated.

Problems to be paid attention to in the calibration of vortex flow meter:

1. Verify that the fluid medium used and the medium to be measured are the same medium or medium with similar viscosity.

2. If the turbine flowmeter is used in a place where high measurement accuracy is required, the calibration should be carried out together with the straight pipe section upstream and downstream of the flow meter as a whole to eliminate additional errors in the straight pipe section before and after the turbine flow meter.

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