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What are the methods to improve the measurement accuracy of gas turbine flow meter?

What are the methods to improve the measurement accuracy of gas turbine flow meter?


Gas turbine flow meter has the advantages of high sensitivity, good repeatability and high precision, and has been widely used as a standard instrument for natural gas trade settlement and measurement. With the overall development of my country's urban gas projects and the continuous improvement of gas commercial trade and transfer measurement requirements, the use of customized gas turbine flow meters is becoming more and more popular.


A gas turbine flow meter is a velocity flowmeter that uses gas to drive an impeller to rotate, and the speed of the impeller is proportional to the fluid flow. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the pulse signal proportional to the fluid volume flow is induced from the synchronously rotating impeller by the magnetic sensor, and the volume flow is obtained by calculation. Its measurement accuracy is high, and the accuracy grade can reach 1.0 and 1.5 grades. Wide measurement range, generally 1:20, wide measurement range; compact and light structure, easy installation and maintenance, low requirements for front and rear straight pipe sections, and can be used for medium and high pressure measurement.


A filter must be installed before the gas flow meter; keep the filter unblocked. If the filter is found to be clogged (judged by the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter), the filter should be cleaned in time. If there is no differential pressure gauge, the filter should be cleaned once a month. The requirements for the straight pipe section must be guaranteed, especially when there is a reduced diameter or half-open valve in front of the instrument. During installation, the gasket shall not extend into the pipe, and the visual inspection of the flowmeter shall not deviate significantly from the axis of the pipe and the installation stress. When installing, be sure to clean up all the impurities in the pipeline to prevent the bearing and turbine from being stuck.


The wheel flow meter also has the following disadvantages: there are moving parts, which are easy to be damaged, the bearings of key parts are easy to wear, the anti-pollution ability is poor, the cleanliness of the medium is high, it is difficult to maintain the calibration characteristics for a long time, and regular inspection is required. The reasons for the error are: the quality of the instrument itself, unreasonable design and selection, improper installation, improper operation and maintenance, etc. The method of error control includes: correctly determine the position and specification of the flowmeter. Due to the existence of turbine inertia, the custom turbine flow meter is not suitable for occasions where the flow fluctuates frequently, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be reduced. It is necessary to accurately estimate the peak and valley values of the gas consumption and the pressure of the medium, and correctly determine the specifications of the flowmeter.

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