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Wedge meter scale use and key points for attention

by:Sincerity     2021-01-31
Abstract: the scale using wedge type flowmeter and key points of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. , eliminate impurities clogging by the structure of the wedge type flowmeter can see, wedge block installed in the side of the table body, flow area is between the wedge and the table in the body cavity, this structure for medium impurities, particles and even larger welding slag can be as the fluid flows through the wedge. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a wedge meter scale use details and attention points. , eliminate impurities clogging by the structure of the wedge type flowmeter can see, wedge block installed in the side of the table body, the flow area is between the wedge and the table in the body cavity, this structure for medium impurities, particles and even larger welding slag can be as the fluid flows through the wedge type flowmeter, and will not accumulate in the body in the table, so it can be used in the orifice meter can't use the measurement of fluid containing impurity particles. Second, the condition of suitable for more throttling wedge welded to the side of instrument lumen, for through the table body fluid produced by the head ( Pressure) Loss than open in the middle of the throttle orifice, much smaller, so for additional head loss in the process of transformation of hydrostatic dynamic pressure is much smaller than orifice meter. Wedge type flow meter wide applicable scope of fluid viscosity change, can be used for large crude oil viscosity, oil, wax oil, fuel oil, and even in the surveying of asphalt, get extensive use in oil refining process. Three adopted wedge type flowmeter, pressure of flange pressure method simplifies the throttling element + differential pressure transmitter to measure fluid flow structure, through the use of double flange transmitter model not only can save the pressure tube and with the laid of the hotline, and because the stability of the double flange transmitter inside the capillary filling silicone oil, significantly improve the throttling element on the accuracy of the measurement process. Fundamentally overcome the throttling element lead the qualitative change of static pressure tube medium introduce additional error, reduce the failure rate of flow meter and maintenance frequency and overall improving the measuring accuracy of the wedge type flowmeter. 2. Install 1, according to mark the direction of the wedge type flowmeter for installation said although some articles and information, wedge flowmeter installation without direction, can be used in the measurement of reverse flow, from the principle of measurement of the wedge type flow meter to see if it is standard of v-shaped wedge, its for throttling and fluid are the same. But on the table body wedge type flowmeter, manufacturers are marking the wedge type flowmeter fluid flow arrow, from the ends of the flange in the wedge type flowmeter, the wedge of the installation position is not in the center of the wedge type flowmeter, so we should undertake in the direction of the annotation wedge flowmeter installation, to prevent the installation direction not to increase the measurement error. Wedge flowmeter table body image 16 on the fluid flow direction. Png2, questions about take the direction of the interface pressure according to the measuring instrument with normal pressure, gas flow measurement, selecting pressure in throttling element in the upper, measuring liquid flow when the pressure on the middle side of the throttle device, measuring smudgy medium when apply pressure to the central location of throttling element. But the wedge type flowmeter and the difference with throttling orifice flowmeter wedge on the table in the body cavity is not evenly distributed, take the position of the pressure fixed prefabricated, manufacturers have to the above before and after the wedge of welds. If in strict accordance with the pressure specification, when measuring the liquid, if you take pressure part installed in the pipeline, so its internal wedge wedge type flowmeter in the pipeline part, caused by the fluid to flow from the top of the wedge type flowmeter, this way will cause the fluid medium impurity particles of precipitation in the bottom of the wedge type flowmeter table in the body cavity, a jam the wedge take pressure ahead of hidden trouble, easy cause failure of the flow meter, so according to the actual situation in the process of installation. 3, vertical pipeline installation level suggested by the wedge type flowmeter, as far as possible to reduce the vertical installation, because in the process of vertical installation, wedge type flowmeter calibration can't be zero. Wedge type flowmeter zero calibration requirements, working medium is filled with wedge type flowmeter, closed after the pipeline before and after the valve, in ensuring that wedge flowmeter internal fluid static state, the flowmeter calibration. Because of throttling element flow meter is generally not design line removal facilities, so generally no process before and after the cut off valve throttle element, this kind of situation calibration wedge flowmeter was more difficult. If wedge flowmeter level installation, we can say the stillness of the fluid for wedge flowmeter testing differential pressure of no additional effect, so we need to take before and after the wedge flowmeter pressure valve closed at the same time pressure air flowmeter zero point calibration can be realized. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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