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Vortex street flowmeter and the thermal type gas flowmeter diff

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-14

customer in choosing gas flow timing meet thermal type gas flowmeter and vortex flowmeter, often differences of the two kinds of flowmeter has doubt, let us from the several aspects about analyze the difference between them: 1, the principle: thermal type gas mass flowmeter on the principle of thermal diffusion, thermal diffusion technology is a critical technology under the condition of good performance, high reliability. Its typical sensors include two thermal resistance ( Platinum RTD) , one is the speed sensor, a temperature sensor is automatically compensate gas temperature changes. When two RTD were placed in the medium, the speed sensor is heated above the environment temperature of a constant temperature, gas flow meter and a temperature sensor for temperature induction medium. Through the speed sensor of gas mass flow rate is calculated amount of heat transfer through the sensing element. The gas flow rate increases, the increase in the number of heat medium take away. The sensor temperature decreases. In order to maintain a constant temperature, it must be increased through the sensor's working current, increase the part of the current velocity is proportional to the size and the media.

vortex flowmeter is applied to measure the flow of fluid oscillation principle, the fluid in the pipeline through the vortex flow transmitter in the triangular prism vortex occurred after the body up and down alternately produced is proportional to the velocity of the two columns of the vortex, the release of the vortex frequency and average velocity and vortex flow vortex occurred body fluid was related characteristics of body width.

2. Price: hot type gas flowmeter and vortex flowmeter are relatively mature products, but the thermal gas mass flow meter price on the high side, but the pressure loss of the corresponding to its smaller; And vortex flow meter price moderate, but has certain requirements on the installation type selection and field environment. 3, application: in the compressed air to use vortex flowmeter is better, but the lower the accuracy of vortex flowmeter, and shall not apply to the vibration, low flow velocity, heat and mass gas mass flowmeter basically do not have these problems, especially suitable for big diameter and low flow velocity of the flow measurement field display instantaneous, signal output, but the medium must be dry non-corrosive gases. 4, use: hot type gas flowmeter is mainly without pressure and temperature compensation, direct measurement of gas mass flow rate and composition is simple, small failure probability, high range than generally greater than 100:1, fast response, high precision sensitivity; Vortex flowmeter can measure liquid, gas or steam can be measured, high accuracy, large range of degrees, not contact medium detecting element, simple structure, no moving parts, high reliability, easy to install and maintenance, but in the case of improper installation easy to fail. Above is for reference only, in the choice of flowmeter can comprehensive consider several factors at the same time, each unit using the focus of the requirements for flow meter is different, so choose to suit your own products is the most important.

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