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Unmissable knowledge points about handheld ultrasonic flowmeters

by:Sincerity     2022-06-14
About the hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter, the knowledge points that cannot be missed The hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter is easy to use, fast, and movable to measure the flow. It is a must-have product for the sewage environment monitoring department and the measurement of large-diameter tap water flow. The non-contact measurement can complete the flow measurement by adsorbing the magnetic ultrasonic flowmeter sensor on the outer wall of the pipeline. Built-in data logger The built-in data logger can store 2000 lines of measurement data. The hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter can measure the flow of pipelines with diameters ranging from DN20 to DN6000. High-precision measurement, measurement accuracy is better than ±1%, linearity is 0.5%, repeatability accuracy is 0.2%, low-voltage, multi-pulse transmission circuit is used, measurement accuracy, service life and reliability are greatly improved; double-balanced signal differential transmission and reception The circuit can effectively resist the interference of strong interference sources such as frequency converters, TV towers, and high-voltage lines; the built-in rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery can work continuously for more than 12 hours; the optimized intelligent signal adaptive processing, users do not need any circuit adjustment. 1. The hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter should be investigated and verified immediately. Compared with the consumers who have a large number and wide range of fixed ultrasonic flowmeters installed on the construction site, a hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter of the same type can be selected for use as a Check the specific conditions of the instruments on the construction site. One is to insist on one installation and one calibration, that is, to check each newly installed ultrasonic flowmeter during installation and test operation to ensure that the location is selected, installed and measured accurately; or the ultrasonic flowmeter that is running online is checked. When there is a change in user flow, it is necessary to use a handheld ultrasonic flowmeter to do an immediate check, verify the root cause of the change in user flow, and find out whether there is a problem with the instrument or the change in user flow. This allows monitoring of flow meter application conditions, which can then be checked and serviced. 2. The handheld ultrasonic flowmeter needs regular maintenance. Compared with other flowmeters, the maintenance amount of the ultrasonic flowmeter is relatively small. For example, compared with the external transducer ultrasonic flowmeter, there is no water pressure loss and no potential water leakage after installation. It is only necessary to regularly check whether the transducer is loose and whether the adhesive between the transducer and the pipe is good; plug-in ultrasonic For the flowmeter, it is necessary to regularly clean the impurities and scale deposited on the probe for water leakage; for the integrated ultrasonic flowmeter, it is necessary to check whether the flange connection between the flowmeter and the pipeline is good, and consider the temperature and humidity of the construction site. Component effects, wait. Regular maintenance can effectively ensure the long-term stable operation of the ultrasonic flowmeter. Let’s implement it now. The maintenance of instruments and meters is a long-term process, and the same is true for other instruments and meters.
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