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Ultrasonic flowmeter use site and use principle

by:Sincerity     2022-05-26
Ultrasonic flowmeter using site and use principle Ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for the measurement of fluids that are not easy to touch and observe and the flow of large pipes, and is widely used in: long-distance pipeline gas gathering systems, marine natural gas compressor stations, gas processing plants, high-pressure pipelines, pipeline networks The ultrasonic flowmeter is based on the principle of measuring the relationship between the propagation time of sound waves in the flowing medium and the flow rate. The ultrasonic converter converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy, and propagates in the upstream and downstream directions in the pipeline. The propagation time difference is the axial average of the measured gas. The flow rate of the gas can be obtained by measuring the travel time difference, and then the flow rate of the fluid can be calculated. Then upload the pressure, temperature and gas composition to the flow computer for correction, that is, the gas flow under standard conditions can be obtained.
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