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Turbine meter scale application in papermaking flow measurement

by:Sincerity     2021-02-14
Abstract: the turbine meter scale in the paper, the application of flow measurement information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 1, the working principle of turbine transmitter consists of turbine, turbine flowmeter bearing, preamplifier and display instrument is composed of current body impact turbine blade, make the turbine rotation, turbine speed changes over flow, namely, large flow, the speed of the turbine is also big. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a turbine meter scale details in the paper, the application of flow measurement. 1, the working principle of turbine transmitter consists of turbine, turbine flowmeter bearing, preamplifier and display instrument is composed of current body impact turbine blade, make the turbine rotation, the turbine speed changes along with the change of flow rate, large flow, the speed of the turbine is large, then through magnetoelectricity conversion device of the turbine speed is converted to the corresponding frequency pulses of electricity, after preamplifier amplification into display instrument to count and, according to the number of pulses per unit time and the cumulative pulse number can be calculated instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. Turbine transmitter working principle is that when the fluid flow along the pipe axis direction, and impact turbine blades, have with qv flow, the velocity V and fluid density & rho; Is proportional to the product of the force on the blades, turbine rotate. In turbine rotate at the same time, blade cutting electromagnet field lines, periodically change coil magnetic flux. Inside coil according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the induction the voltage signal of the pulse, the pulse signal is directly proportional to the frequency and the flow of traffic. Turbine transmitter output pulse signal, after prior to the amplifier amplification, into display instrument, can achieve flow measurement. 2, the turbine flowmeter selection ( 1) Good flowmeter ontology zui district with 316 stainless steel material to corrosion, so explosion protection area must also be the result. ( 2) Bearing generally are carbonized tungsten, ptfe, carbon graphite three specifications: tungsten carbide of high precision zui, it as a standard component of the industrial control; Ptfe, carbon graphite can anticorrosive, general in chemical industry is preferred. Bearing's life and the square of the velocity ratio, so the velocity of zui good in zui 1/3 of the flow speed is better. ( 3) Sensing probe is detecting the movement of the rotating body and put it into digital pulse signal, the electromagnetic coil voltage output value is close to sine curve, the pulse signal frequency range with size measurement of flow into linear change, the typical range of 10:1, transcribed and 100:1 three kinds of specifications. Electromagnetic coil resistance is generally less than 2000 & Omega; That is greater than the value may be damaged. 3, the installation of the turbine flowmeter ( 1) Transmitter use a metal shielding wire power cord, grounding is good and reliable. Power supply for dc 24 v, 650 & Omega; Impedance. ( 2) Should be installed in the transmitter, to avoid vertical installation and ensure that have to adapt to straight pipe before and after, generally in the first 10 d, 5 d. ( 3) To ensure that the fluid flow direction and the direction of arrow instrument shell, shall not be installed backwards. ( 4) Corrosion can not be made for turbine measured medium, especially the bearings, otherwise measures should be taken. ( 5) Pay attention to induction part cannot collision. 4, the configurations of the turbine flowmeter calibration method and calibration standard is ten water calibration method, but with different values of different viscosity calibration, so often do viscosity calibration curve. 5, turbine flow meter display instrument display instrument of task is to output pulse number and pulse output per unit time is converted to total instantaneous flow and traffic, and display. By the former amplifier output pulse signal, the amplitude and waveform are irregular, after entering the display instrument, first need to the shaping circuit plastic become have rules with certain amplitude of rectangular electrical pulse signal, then through frequency/current conversion circuit, frequency signal into the corresponding current signal ( 4~20mA) Again can convert instantaneous flow value, total amount by the transformation and integrating circuit. Display instrument in situ, sent to DCS display. 6, matters needing attention, 1) Before installation of turbine flowmeter, pipeline cleaning. Unclean, measured medium to add filter. Otherwise turbine, bearing easily stuck, measuring flow rate. ( 2) Disassembling flow timing of induction part cannot collide. ( 3) Before put into operation for instrument coefficient setting. Carefully check, make sure the instrument wiring is correct, grounding is good, before sending. ( 4) Before and after the installation of turbine flow time, pipe flange level, otherwise pipe stress had a great influence on flow meter. 7, the development prospect with the continuous development of science, the modern turbine transmitter module has been developed into the miniaturization, high integration, design, software has powerful function, and is equipped with RS232 communication interface standard computer, provides a convenient for maintenance. Can be connected to the DCS communication, DCS replaces display instrument, such as near HOFFER flowmeter in the industrial production more convenient and practical in the process of the above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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