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Turbine flow meter advantages and disadvantages

Turbine flow meter advantages and disadvantages


Some of the advantages of turbine flow meters include:

Useable for a wide range of applications.

Suitable for gases and liquids.

There is a possibility of achieving an accuracy of 0.25% with turbine flow meters, which are highly accurate and precise.

Economical to purchase so it is one of the preferred flow meters in world trade settlement.

Easy to set up and operate, compact structure, and lightweight.

Useable for a wide range of applications, medium, and large diameters are generally up to 20:1 or more, and small diameters are 10:1, and the starting flow rate is also low.

Less pressure loss. They produce an only moderate head loss.

(1) High accuracy

Highly accurate and precise, insertion turbine flow meter are ±0.5% accurate normally. However, it is possible to achieve an accuracy of ±0.25%.For liquids, it is generally ±0.25%~±0.5%, for gas turbine flow meter, it is generally ±1.5%, and the special special type is ±0.5%~1%. Turbine flowmeters are the relative high accurate flow meters comparing to other types flow meters.

(2) Good repeatability

Short-term repeatability is up to 0.05% to 0.2%.  It can be used for custody transfer if users frequent calibrate the flow meters.

(3) Wide measuring range

For large size turbine sensor, the turn down ratio can be 40:1~10:1, and for small size sensor tube, it can be 6:1 or 5:1.

(4) Output pulse frequency signal

There is no zero drift, and the signal resolution is very high due to the very high frequency signal (3x4Hz) obtained from the turbine sensor.

(5) Suitable for high pressure measurement

The meter body is easy to make a high-pressure type meter.

(6) There are many types of structures, which can adapt to the needs of various measurement purpose, such as can be made into thread or flange type , or even made into tri-clamp type for hygienic purpose.

No zero drift, strong anti-interference ability.

When they are calibrated at fairly frequent intervals, turbine meters over about 50mm, and especially very large sizes, have excellent short-term repeatability.In the best meters of this type, the output is directly digital and practically linear over a wide range of flow rate-about 5 or 6:1 in the smaller sizes, increasing to about 10:1 in large turbine meters.

They are compact, being only the same diameter as the pipe in which they are installed.

The compactness of the smaller sizes of turbine flow meters, combined with their freedom from any components necessitating a hole in the pipe wall, enables them to be designed for operation at very high pressures.

If they should seize up, they do not block the flow.

Some disadvantages include:

Requirement of clean, dry liquid/gas samples

Errors caused by high viscosity in samples

Frequent calibration checks needed

Gas flowmeters are easily affected by density and are closely related to temperature and pressure, so temperature and pressure corrections are required.

Regularly add oil to ensure adequate lubrication of the bearing to ensure measurement accuracy and prolong the service life.

They are rather more expensive than many types of flowmeters, particularly in larger diameters.

Since the turbine meter's original calibration is bound to change with wear or fouling surfaces over time, it is necessary to periodically recalibrate if high accuracy is to be maintained. Liquids with poor lubricating quality are more likely to cause bearing problems, and their effect can be severe if they contain a high proportion of suspended solids or are highly corrosive.

The calibration of a turbine meter is affected by variations in viscosity of the liquid being measured. That effect is more pronounced in smaller meters, which need a calibration device such as a pipe prover to ensure accuracy when only slight changes in temperature are likely to alter the viscosity. This approach is commonplace in the petroleum industry. Turbine meters are also susceptible to flow disturbances and particularly swirls, with smaller sizes offering reduced performance due to increased friction from bearings.

Above are turbine flow meter advantages and disadvantages, want to konw more about turbine flow meter, contact Sincerity Group.

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