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The intelligent vortex precession flowmeter selection of gas meter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-27
In the process of selection should grasp two principles; Namely: to ensure the production safety, to ensure the accuracy. Therefore must to carry out the selection of the three parameters, namely the immediate and long-term maximum, minimum and the commonly used traffic ( It is mainly used for the selected instrument nominal diameter) , and the design of the measured medium pressure ( It is mainly used for the selected instrument nominal pressure level) , the actual working pressure ( Mainly used for the selected instrument of pressure sensor pressure level) 。

a. When the measured flow known as the working condition of traffic volume, can be directly according to the flow range to select in the table adapter of nominal diameter;

b。 When measured flow for the known conditions under the condition of traffic volume, should first will be the volume flow QN conversion for the working condition of volume flow Qv, again according to the technical parameters of the flow range in the table to select the corresponding nominal diameter;

c。 When two diameter flowmeter can cover the lowest and highest volume flow, with the permission of the loss of pressure, should try to choose small diameter;

d。 Don't make the actual minimum flow Qmin below the selected nominal flow meter flow limit;

e。 Flow range, nominal pressure have special requirements to order agreement.

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