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The influence of environment temperature on the gas meter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-05

gas flowmeter in the workplace environment temperature on the instrument electronic components can be stable work have close relations, the influence of environment temperature on the instrument development fully consider and test was made in the design stage, in the instrument selection and installation of the instructions will be specifically stipulated instrument working environment temperature range.

worthy of the problem is that in recent years, the emergence of a bodily form vortex gas meter, the meter of signal detection, signal processing, display and communication unit is installed in the converter. For measuring the vortex flow meter of high temperature medium, if the scene of the heat preservation, heat insulation measures do not reach the designated position, measuring pipe of heat conduction and thermal radiation makes converter and internal electronic components, high endangers the normal work of the electronic components.

at present most of the normal work of the electronic device temperature limit below 60 ℃, and with LED device instrument environment may be more low temperature range, such as less than 30 ℃. So, if can't ensure the electronic components in the converter temperature falls below 60 ℃, when the selected tables can't choose a size of vortex flowmeters. Can only choose separation type vortex flowmeter, in order to install the converter to the ambient temperature is low, avoid the temperature of the electronic device suffered damage over the limit temperature.

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