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The improving method of the measuring instrument of circulating fluidized bed boiler

by:Sincerity     2021-01-20
Abstract: the improved method of circulating fluidized bed boiler measuring instrument information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Circulating fluidized bed boiler ( CFB) With high efficiency and low pollution, wide adaptability of coal and load of regulatory is good, not easy to fire and ash available, use clean combustion technology, in line with the national environmental protection industry policy, coupled with its good adaptability of coal,. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the improving method of the measuring instrument of circulating fluidized bed boiler article details. Circulating fluidized bed boiler ( CFB) With high efficiency and low pollution, wide adaptability of coal, the load of regulatory is good, not easy to fire and ash available, use clean combustion technology, in line with the national environmental protection industry policy, coupled with its good adaptability of coal, quickly spread in our country, supporting units in the development in the direction of 300 mw and above. Due to the particularity of the structure of circulating fluidized bed boiler, thermal instrumentation, protection instrument installation by compared with the conventional pulverized coal furnace, there are many similarities also have obvious differences. CFB boiler soda system measuring point and its effect is the same as the common coal furnace smoke wind system adds some set up of CFB boiler fan duct pressure, temperature and flow rate measuring point, the measurement is same as the common pulverized coal fired boiler. CFB boiler is in parameter measurement in the furnace, separator, back to the valve and a solid flow parameters, such as cold slag detection. A, circulating fluidized bed boiler operation characteristics of CFB boiler in the process of running particularly want to pay attention to the coal bed temperature, separator inlet temperature, wind rate and bed pressure monitoring, regulation and control, pay attention to the influence of material flow, the circulation and burning all kinds of air monitoring, to ensure that sufficient heat to establish a stable and material circulation, thus accomplishes the fuel combustion boiler combustion and heat transfer process. According to the characteristics of the circulating fluidized bed boiler, furnace temperature, bed temperature, bed height and other relative measuring instrument measuring point, to ensure the safe and economic operation of the unit. Pressure measuring point should provide interface and prevent facilities, temperature measuring point requirements with thermocouple outlet, with the requirement of grinding temperature measurement points should be equipped with the grinding device. Second, the main function and significance of the thermal parameter 2. 1 bed bed temperature is an important operation parameters of CFB boiler. Bed temperature is mainly refers to the burning of fluidized dense-phase zone material layers in temperature, bed temperature value is made up of boiler structure, ash melting point, emission index ( On the basis of different coal and different) Integrated factors, such as an air flow through the cloth by adjusting the wind plate and directly into the furnace of secondary air volume ratios keep bed temperature, at the same time, pay attention to the control to the coal quantity, ensure that the temperature is 850 - 925 ℃, make its in zui better combustion condition, and is advantageous to the furnace limestone desulfurization. Bed temperature too high or too low will cause boiler coking extinguishing. Are the major factors affect the bed temperature of coal, coal, the primary/secondary air, recycle and cold grey circle. In circulation ratio, mainly related to coal and air volume, one air plays a main role. In a 480 t/h capacity of east pot boiler as an example, it set the layer 2 bed temperature measuring point, the lower 24 points, 24 points at the top, left and right side is divided into four columns three rows. They are under secondary tuyere, dense-phase zone, each layer of measuring points along the hearth after three rows evenly, symmetrical layout, average output into the loop, the site of each layer to compute the average bed temperature. At the same time, each measuring point are demonstrated in DCS. When a little differ with average temperature of 150 degrees, this is a bad point. 2. 2 bed pressure bed is a reflection of the material bed height. Usually by adjusting the discharge amount of how much in the operation of the control pressure of the high and low bed. Bed material, bed pressure is high, more for stable combustion, reducing the effects of short-term continuous fluctuations in coal, advantageous to reducing slag draining fuel content; But at the same time high bed pressure increases a wind pressure head, power consumption increases, at the same time also greatly increased the ignition stage heating bed material time, reduce running efficiency. Material thin bed, bed down, easy to cause uneven ventilation, cause coking. Bed pressure generally refers to dense-phase zone, bed, bed pressure measuring hole general arrangement in the 250 mm from the wind board face, on the left side of the three, three on the right side, to take in three pressure measurement value by 3 after logic to display and alarm circuit; 3 the average as the feedback signal of bed pressure regulation system. Bed pressure control method, by controlling the sludge discharge system to maintain constant pressure chamber of a stove or furnace bed, which is to ensure the furnace ash balance and bed material. 2. 3 the operation of the air circulating fluidized bed boiler based on fluidization suspension combustion of high temperature material. Combustion air volume is important basis of operators to adjust the burning, its measuring accuracy directly affect the economic safe operation of the boiler. After completion of the installation, commissioning before operation, and shall be conducted on the primary and secondary fan performance measurement, and the calibration of the air volume, mainly exports for the identification of fan air volume, air pressure can meet the design requirements, and can meet the needs of the combustion, the accuracy of the measuring device and calibration. Effective measurement of air volume, which is beneficial to a secondary air ratio adjustment, improve furnace combination of endogenous wind, coal, ash, achieve zui better fuel, for the wind mixing way.
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