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The causes of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement is allowed to have?

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-20
The causes of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement is allowed to have? The causes of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement is allowed to have? Electromagnetic flowmeter in the actual application of measurement may be inaccurate, so this is what reason is caused? Next to analyse the electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer. First to analyze the reasons: 1, the air bubbles in the liquid, increase the operating pressure or before measuring equipment installation of gas liquid separator. 2, coil insulation error: measure the voltage with an insulating equipment to measure the voltage of the transducer. Note: before the implementation measure, disconnect electronic circuit. 3, the full pipe lead to inaccurate measurement: should change process conditions so that the measuring tube is always full of, where appropriate, open the EPD electrode. 4, electromagnetic flowmeter lining deformation: replace the new lining in order to solve this problem. 5, flow meter grounding effect is not good: meter grounding, right. Six straight pipe, the installation position does not meet the requirements: installation of straight pipe installation requirements for electromagnetic flowmeter, level is installed on the pipeline ( Tilted pipe within 50) Meter line when installation should be concentric to the pipe axis, flow direction should be consistent. 7, the water flow rate is too low to be tested: as far as possible to open the valve on both sides of the border to improve. The above is the reason why no electromagnetic flowmeter measurement, hope you can understand. If you have other want to know about the knowledge and the product quotation can be advisory calls at any time.
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