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Steam vortex flowmeter flow range and upper limit flow

Steam vortex flowmeter flow range and upper limit flow


The upper limit flow of the vortex flowmeter refers to the flow rate of the full scale. The diameter of the steam flow meter should be selected according to the flow range of the pipeline to be tested, the upper and lower flow limits of the selected instrument, rather than a simple selection based on the size of the connection.


The maximum flow rate of the pipeline fluid is usually designed to be determined by the economic flow rate. Because the flow rate is too low, the pipe diameter is large, the investment is large, the flow rate is too high, the transmission power is large, and the operating cost is increased.


The maximum flow rate of most mass flow meters is close to or slightly higher than the economic flow rate of the pipeline. Therefore, the selected instrument has the same probability of the same diameter as the pipe diameter, and is easy to install. Even if the diameters of the two are different, there is no difference between them. Usually, you can select adjacent single size specifications. In this case, pipe connections of different diameters should be used.


The upper limit (or lower limit) of the flow of some instruments cannot be changed after it is confirmed. Some instruments can be recalibrated by the user without the need for actual flow calibration. After designing the differential pressure gauge, the lower limit flow cannot be changed, but the upper limit flow can be adjusted by adjusting the range of the differential pressure transmitter.


What is the scope?


The so-called range is the ratio of the upper limit flow rate to the lower limit flow rate. The larger the value, the wider the flow rate range. The linear instrument has a large range, and the nonlinear instrument has a small range, which can satisfy energy saving and commercial accounting cumulative flow measurement. However, in some cases, the scope of requirements for commercial accounting tools is wide.


If a differential pressure gauge is used, it cannot be adjusted. However, in recent years, various differential pressure meters have been broken, mainly used in differential pressure transmitters and microcomputer technology, but their prices have more than doubled.


In some Coriolis Mass Flow manufacturers, the upper flow rate range is very high, and high flow rates are not used. The key is whether the lower limit flow is suitable for measurement requirements. Generally, when the range is required to be wide, the lower limit flow rate is preferably as low as possible.

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