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Application range of different media of vortex flowmeter

Application range of different media of vortex flowmeter


Abstract: The vortex flowmeter can accurately measure the flow of liquid, gas, steam and other media. In actual work, due to various external reasons, the medium is impure, liquid and gas are so simple, it will be disadvantageous due to various factors. The flow measurement of the instrument (for example, the steam containing water during transportation will affect the accuracy of the vortex flowmeter).


Below we will analyze the possible factors in detail.


1. When the fluid contains solids


When the fluid contains smiling solid particles, the fluid flowing through the instrument pipe will cause the vortex generator and sensor to be cleaned, and the noise generated by the flow signal is insignificant. Worn vortex generators and meter coefficients will affect the measurement error of the meter. When this happens, please consider installing a filter upstream or regularly testing the meter. If the fluid contains fibers, please avoid filament winding around the vortex generator or sensor;


2. Fluids prone to precipitation or scaling


When measuring the flow rate of this fluid, it is necessary to prevent the vortex generator from covering the surface due to long-term deposits or scale, affecting the shape and size of the vortex generator, thereby changing the mass flow meter factor and causing a decrease in flow rate. The sensitivity of the sensor. , Requires regular cleaning tools;


3. Mixed phase fluid


①. The vortex flowmeter of our factory can measure fluids containing evenly dispersed tiny bubbles, but it must be ensured that the volumetric gas content between the gas and liquid phase flows should be less than 70. If it exceeds 2, the measurement coefficient correction is required;


②, can measure evenly distributed solid micro-materials, but the content must be less than 2as-solid, liquid-solid two-phase flow;


③It can measure two components of insoluble liquid and liquid (such as oil and water), but the flow velocity must be greater than 5m/s, otherwise the accuracy will be affected.


4. The fluid contains pulsating flow


When a power machine such as a blower or a water pump is installed in the installation pipe of the vortex flowmeter, a strong pulsating flow will be generated in the fluid. If the pulsation frequency is within the signal frequency of the vortex street, an error will occur, which is serious. May lead to the formation of the Karman vortex principle.

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