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Steam flow meter scale experiment test and analysis

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-09
Abstract: steam flow meter scale experiment test and analysis of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 1. The condensing steam flow metering standard weighing method. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, below is the steam flow meter scale test analysis for details. 1. The condensing steam flow measurement standard device weighing method is * using steam flow calibration of flow standard device, and the expanded uncertainty is 0. 1% ( k=2) And verification flow range of 0. Gas device for negative pressure method, sonic nozzle gas flow measurement standard device, and the expanded uncertainty is 0. 25% ( k=2) And verification flow range is 2. Water device for quality standard water flow measurement standard device, and the expanded uncertainty is 0. 05% ( k=2) And verification flow range of 0. 05 ~ 200 m3 / h. 2。 Experiment scheme will be different manufacturer, model, diameter of steam flowmeter, [according to requirements of the steam flowmeter national verification regulation 12] Installed in a steam plant, air and water on the device for testing on the device, including steam plant in temperature for 150, ℃ or so, the pressure in 0. This article only for the typical (and the experimental data were analyzed, and two DN100 steam flowmeter is under the condition of different fluid, different flow meter coefficient change. 3. Experimental data under different fluid through the 3 sets of experimental test, 3 sets of equipment instrument, instrument coefficient of deviation and deviation E&prime instrument coefficient is obtained by analysis and calculation; E′ 一个,E′ 一个,E′ E, as shown in table 5, the instrument coefficient and flow curve relationship as shown in figure 3 and figure 4. Through the accumulation of experimental data, the air than water as fluid measurement K value of 0. 2% ~ 1. 0%, larger than steam measurement of fluid medium K partial 1. 5% ~ 3. ( 1) Measurement error caused by the temperature compensation can be carried out in accordance with the formula derived in the article. ( 2) The influence of the compressibility of the gas on the steam flow meter instrument coefficient, velocity u, by the medium pressure p, density & rho; And isentropic index & kappa; The influence of related parameters, such as, is proportional to the velocity u, with 11 p / & rho; Is inversely proportional to the change of gas isentropic index & kappa; Does not cause the instrument coefficient of single direction changes. ( 3) Different medium compressibility can influence on the coefficient of steam flow meter instrument, instrument coefficient under the air medium zui, water, steam zui small, under the same flow rate of steam medium for instrument coefficient is less than the effect of the air, the influence of the difference size calculation can be obtained according to the operating conditions. ( 4) According to the experimental data, the measuring instrument of steam flowmeter coefficient under different medium is consistent with the theoretical calculation and analysis, there is a certain deviation, but two results may be caused by other physical parameters of medium on the instrument coefficient, the influence of still need to in-depth theoretical analysis, in be used actually try using solid flow calibration instrument coefficient. Acetylene carbon dioxide flowmeter flowmeter ammonia steam flowmeter flowmeter above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me factory flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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