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Sewage flow monitoring in the choice of flow meter scale

by:Sincerity     2021-02-07
Abstract: the choice of sewage flow meter scale in monitoring information by the excellent flow meter, flow meter production factory to provide you with quotation. Pick to: due to the change of sewage flow, containing impurities, has the characteristics of electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, leading to the choice of the flowmeter is more complex. From the object to be tested, flowmeter performance, installation conditions, using the environment, economic cost, etc. , to electromagnetism. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the choice of sewage flow meter scale in monitoring the article details. Pick to: due to the change of sewage flow, containing impurities, has the characteristics of electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, leading to the choice of the flowmeter is more complex. From the object to be tested, flowmeter performance, installation conditions, using the environment, economic cost and so on, the electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, V cone flowmeter has carried on the comparison and analysis, monitoring of sewage flow meter reasonable choice in the process of providing the reference. Key words: sewage flow monitoring electromagnetic flowmeter ultrasonic flowmeter V cone flowmeter flowmeter is one of the few use than manufacturing difficult instrument and meter, mainly because there are many different kinds of flowmeter, have their own characteristics, combined with measured object and sewage, especially of raw sewage, not only have strong corrosion resistance, but also contains many impurities, have a certain electrical conductivity, and selection and involves many technical problems and economic factors. Therefore, to be technically feasible, economically rational, the characteristics and working principle of the flow meter must be to understand somewhat, to ensure that flowmeter selection more reasonable. Through several common flowmeter introduced in this paper, based on the actual application situation, the different sewage flow monitoring in the process of how to reasonable use of the flowmeter. Several kinds of commonly used in traffic monitoring, flowmeter 1. 1 electromagnetic flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter is made according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction of a conductive liquid volume flow measurement instrument. Because of its unique advantages, has been widely used in acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive medium, flammable and explosive medium, sewage treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry in the slurry flow measurement, and formed the unique applications. 1. Ultrasonic flowmeter is 2 ultrasonic flowmeter by detecting the fluid flow on ultrasound beam ( Or ultrasonic pulse) To measure the effect of flow meter. Ultrasonic flowmeter measurement method are many, have time difference, frequency difference, phase difference method and doppler method. Time difference method, doppler method is according to the principle of measurement of zui more. Ultrasonic flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter, because the instrument circulation channel is not set any impediments, unimpeded flow meter, as applied to solve the problem of flow measurement difficulties, especially in the big flow measurement has the outstanding advantages, it is developing rapidly in recent years one of the types of flowmeter. The characteristics of the ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact measurement, flow to thwart the measurement, no pressure loss, can measure the electrical conductivity of liquid, to measure without blocking electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of supplement. The time difference method ultrasonic flowmeter is zui widely used at present. With the development of the CPU, signal processing technology, the accuracy and reliability of the measurement had the very big enhancement. Time measuring the development of technology, in particular, time resolution improved and solved the problem of the small diameter and low flow velocity measurement difficult. Applications also extended to the circulating water from water purification, sewage, heavy oil, crude oil, product oil and air, gas and other medium. But there are more bubbles or suspension liquid will hinder the normal transmission of sound pulse, lead to can't normal measurement, so the ultrasonic flowmeter is more suitable for measuring the pure liquid. Method of doppler ultrasonic flowmeter is a large enough scatterer in the fluid, but also have to be continuous. Normally, the speed of the scatterer and the speed of the fluid had obvious slip, request the speed of the fluid flow must be much larger than the critical velocity of particle precipitation, and measured speed is scatterer meeting point value, therefore, the speed of the measuring value of velocity distribution and flow regime have great dependence, that is to say, the length of the straight pipe requirements is very long, need to more than 20 times the pipe diameter. Doppler method, therefore, the application of the ultrasonic flowmeter has certain limitations, more applied in sewage and industrial waste water, beer, beverage and other media measurement, usually does not apply to a very clean fluid measurement. 1. 3 V cone flowmeter V cone flowmeter is a novel differential pressure flowmeter, using a v-shaped cone in the flow field generated by the throttling effect to measure the flow, if the fluid through a throttling device, the velocity will be faster, which will increase the kinetic energy, and is accelerated fluid instead of static pressure will be reduced. The size of the pressure drop and fluid velocity has a certain functional relation, under the condition of the other things being equal, the pressure drop increases with the increase of flow velocity, decreases with the decrease of the flow velocity. V cone flowmeter and other orifice flowmeter, it has changed the layout of the throttle, make it become annular throttle orifice throttling, from the center V cone flowmeter is the essence of differential pressure flowmeter, it is throttling margin obtuse Angle, flow boundary layer, are formed when the fluid out of the throttle.
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