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Precession vortex of using and maintenance of gas meter scale

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-17
Abstract: the use of precession vortex gas meter scale and maintenance information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 1 introduction precession vortex gas flowmeter in the process of production and storage and transportation of crude oil, a speed meter, which has been widely applied because of its no moving parts, with temperature and pressure correction function, at the scene of the harsh conditions to measure the gas flow standard. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a precession vortex of using and maintenance of gas meter scale article details. 1 introduction precession vortex gas flowmeter in the process of production and storage and transportation of crude oil, a speed meter, which has been widely applied because of its no moving parts, with temperature and pressure correction function, at the scene of the harsh conditions to measure the gas flow standard value, with high cost performance, can meet the requirements of enterprise production and operation management. 2 in the field of usage in the petroleum, petrochemical system, the type flowmeter is mainly the following situations: ( 1) Used for the associated gas in the process of production of crude oil metering, mainly installed on the upper part of the oil separator gas exports, after separation of natural gas after measurement, and mixed with gathering line, to transfer station. Because of the associated gas contains a certain amount of light hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, water and other medium, as the change of temperature, pressure, the saturated state of the above group branch out of a condensate gas, the content & lt; 15%, the accuracy of measuring & le; ± 5%, therefore, the application of the flowmeter at the scene of the crude oil production is more, accounting for 95% of the gas meter. ( 2) Used for crude oil transfer, gathering station after dealing with the oil and gas water three phase separator, gas storage and transportation. In the natural gas light hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, water and other media content & lt; 5% of cases, the accuracy of measuring & le; ± 3%. ( 3) Used in production of crude oil gathering station library with boiler, hot water heater energy facilities such as consumption of natural gas measurement, after the heating facilities to produce steam and hot water, as a carrier can working medium used in the oil storage and transportation in thermal insulation. Because of natural gas is relatively pure, accuracy of measuring & le; ± 2%. ( 4) Among secondary units for enterprise production and living the internal transfer of natural gas measurement. Such as living area residents gas, computer fuel metering, etc. , accuracy & le; ± 1. 5%. Three principles and technical characteristics of vortex precession flowmeter measurement principle: enter in vortex flowmeter gas occur under the action of body, vortex flow, vortex flow precession in the venturi tube, reached the contraction section of throttling, suddenly accelerates a vortex; When the vortex flow after the sudden expansion section, due to the change of the pressure, the vortex flow against the forward direction; The signal in the area of the precession frequency is proportional to the flow volume, through the flow sensor of piezoelectric sensors detect the frequency signal, and fixed on the meter shell temperature sensor and pressure sensor to detect the temperature and pressure signal into along with all the traffic in the computer processing, zui will show the gas temperature, pressure and standard condition, 20℃、101. 325 kpa) The parameters such as volume flow. Suitable for pipeline gas, natural gas, LNG compressed natural gas, high velocity and low density of superheated steam flow measurement. Currently using intelligent vortex precession flowmeter, mainly has the following characteristics: ( 1) Range than & ge; 1:15, circuit USES surface-mount technology, compact structure. Large screen LCD display standard volume flow, total volume, temperature, pressure and battery capacity, according to clear and intuitive, easy reading. ( 2) Adopting micro power consumption of high technology, internal and external power supply, the battery can use five years in a row, the machine power consumption is low, have explosion-proof function, can be used in oil and gas gathering station of the rolls. ( 3) Using high-performance microprocessors and modern filtering technology, software powerful, superior performance; Communication and 485 ( 4 ~ 20) MA simulation and the pulse signal output, easy centralized control and automation management. ( 4) Adopt unique dual sensor and circuit processing technology, can effectively solve the pressure fluctuation and mechanical vibration on the interference type flowmeter, measurement is accurate and reliable. Set temperature, pressure, flow sensors and flow computer at an organic whole, the gas to be measured can be automatic tracking correction, temperature, pressure and compressibility factor directly measuring gas volume flow rate and total amount in the standard condition. ( 5) No mechanical moving parts, good stability, low maintenance quantity is little, straight pipe requirements ( The former & ge; After 5 dn, & ge; 3DN) 。 ( 6) In accordance with the requirements of the installation technology using and maintenance case, basically need not maintain, vibration, strong magnetic field and the flowmeter should be avoided as flow interference elements ( Such as compressor, separator, pressure regulating valve, reducer and pipe, elbow, etc. ) , keep pure single-phase fluid measurement medium. 4 technical requirements and error control according to the current oilfield mostly use diameter & le; Actual under DN100 flowmeter, & Delta; P an average of 15% of the working pressure, it is a kind of energy-saving instrument, at the same time, in use to avoid the following problems. ( 1) Keep for single Newton body measurement, if crude and trace impurity particles, separation, filters should be installed at flowmeter before, otherwise it will cause the measured value is greater than the actual value.
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