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Portable ultrasonic flowmeter scale measurement principle is introduced

by:Sincerity Group     2021-04-11
Abstract: the measurement principle is introduced of portable ultrasonic flowmeter scale information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 1, in the measurement of pipeline is old industrial and mining, try not to use 2 acoustic layer ( V) Sound sensor installation, should first choose 1 layer ( The Z method) , this installation method of ultrasonic flowmeter of the flow sensor of ultrasound, it is easy to the thickness of flow. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a handheld measuring principle of ultrasonic flowmeter scale details introduction. 1, in the measurement of pipeline is old industrial and mining, try not to use 2 acoustic layer ( V) Sound sensor installation, should first choose 1 layer ( The Z method) , this installation method, ultrasonic flowmeter issue of ultrasonic flow sensor, is easy to flow sensor for measuring receiver, and the intensity of flow meter of the host signal guaranteed, and can assure high precision measurements. 2, when measuring new pipelines, when faced with zinc paint or crossing pipelines, can use the roving processing pipeline surface first, and then use yarn continue processing, so that to ensure that the ultrasonic flowmeter flow sensor installation point is smooth, level off, ultrasonic flow JiJi flow probe can be a good contact with the measuring the outer wall of pipeline. 3, when the pipe is vertical upward direction, if the fluid flow in the pipeline is from down to upper, can be measured, if the liquid is top-down, the flow of the pipeline is not suitable for traffic data collection. 4, in addition of a pipeline is carried out in traffic data collection before, must oneself to measure the outer circumference of the pipe, Use a tape measure) , wall thickness, With a thickness gauge) And the temperature of the outer wall of pipeline, Surface temperature measuring instrument) Wait, because most of the time measurement accuracy is not accurate, not because the instrument itself, instead of measuring the parameters of the so-called attendants deviation problem, want to believe my eyes, don't believe her ears. 5, to choose suitable ultrasonic flowmeter. There are many different kinds of ultrasonic flowmeter. How to choose the ultrasonic flowmeter? Many hit Shanghai sen from intelligent instrument technology, most will say, & other; Company communication for you, let me learn a lot, thank you! ” This is because, Shanghai's intelligent instrument of the result of our technical personnel's escape ideas! Shanghai's escape intelligent instrument and technical personnel, don't think to sell their products, but according to the user's working conditions and practical application to recommend products, recommend suitable for ultrasonic flowmeter, a lot of times, the flowmeter in Shanghai's escape in the intelligent instrument is no sales. Thank you so people will sigh with emotion and playing. In choosing a portable ultrasonic flowmeter, this don't want to say more, or to make a choice according to the actual situation of each operating mode, has the condition, interested friends can also to electrical technical exchanges. 6, when operating the portable ultrasonic flowmeter, must be in accordance with the requirements of the flow meter manufacturer, standardize the operation. Don't & other; I think it can be operation & throughout; Mentality, or seems to find new laws, many non-standard operations, is built on the sacrifice on the basis of the accuracy of ultrasonic flowmeter. Such as coupling agent, Z method installation to the centerline, etc. 7, a special medium for measurement, such as natural gas, compressed air, etc. , more need to choose carefully, if the gas pressure inside the corridor is less than 8 kg, you don't use ultrasonic flowmeter for metering basis, and should adopt mechanical measurement instrument. 8, the condition for pulse flow, want to choose the appropriate ultrasonic flowmeter, should choose the sampling time interval ultrasound, ultrasonic flowmeter is smaller than the pulse frequency interval, otherwise the actual fluid flow has changed, you have not reflected ultrasonic flowmeter, so it will make a great cause of error. 9, about the installation of some general considerations, choice of the installation points, in this not do, believe that contact with ultrasonic flowmeter practitioners, should be very clear, if not clear, can call Shanghai's escape intelligent instrument communication and consultation! Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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