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Orifice meter everyday problem solving

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-04
Should be cleaned regularly in order to normal use orifice flowmeter orifice meter meter probe, was found in the examination and individual probe test holes have been contamination jams, and even be plastic wrapping, affected the normal measurement. Regularly check grounding and shielding case, eliminate the interference. The problem is due to interference by sometimes instructions. Should be drying time, regularly and moistureproof processing. Because at the end of the probe itself and moistureproof processing, affect running after be affected with damp be affected with damp. Meter data management should cause enough attention, to facilitate the future work. And eastern chemical works lack calibration method and ability, can only be out of calibration, the influence of process operation, should be removed from the pipe orifice meter to send up to 5, and 6 days of calibration time, process is hard to meet, to determine the coefficient K. Line road connection problems. Part of the loop line connection is very good on the surface, and check carefully, some loose joint has actually led to the suspension of circuits, although some joint connection is tight but due to line problem tighten screw fastening on the line of leather, also makes the circuit interruption. Solve the problem of the corresponding line, existing problem and corresponding solution. Secondary instrument and subsequent instrument connection problems. Due to the subsequent instrument problems or as a result of the subsequent instrument maintenance, the secondary instrument of mA output circuit interruption, for this type of secondary instrument. Especially for the subsequent recorder, in the case of recorder damaged beyond repair for a long time, it is important to note that the short connect the output of the secondary instrument due to secondary instrument flat shaft cable fault loop always without instructions.

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