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Maximize Efficiency with Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Maximize Efficiency with Coriolis Mass Flow Meters


Tip 1. Make sure the measuring fluid is a single-phase fluid.

Check whether the fluid you are measuring is a single-phase fluid, meaning it is either gas or liquid. If the fluid is two-phased, the expectation of the measurement under such conditions must be taken into account in the flow meter selection.

Tip 2. Check the flow meter orientation.

Flow meter installation orientation can greatly affect meter performance and accuracy. Most flow meters can be installed in any direction, except for the Rotameter, which can only be mounted in a vertical direction with a flow from bottom to top.

Tip 3. Flow meter installation for gas/liquid applications must always be filled with the fluid.

Regarding coriolis type flow meter installation for gas or liquid, the flow meter should always be placed in a position where it is filled with the fluid, even if there is no flow. An escape path should also be present for the second undesired phase.

Tip 4. Flow meter installation for gas/steam applications should be placed at a high point.

The liquid is formed when pressure and temperature conditions turn the gas into a liquid. When this happens, any condensate will be trapped in the lower part of the pipe. Therefore, in horizontal piping, flow meter installation for gas or steam applications should always be placed in a high point, to enable liquid to drain away from the flow meter.

Tip 5. Install the piping in a way to avoid bubbles.

A sudden pressure drop in the flow line causes gas to come out of the liquid solution. This is referred to as ‘cavitation’. Items prone to gasification are valves and sharp changes in diameter. Thus, it is important to install the piping in a way to avoid the generation of bubbles.

Now you have learned about the several most important tips when installing a mass flow meter, you can ensure optimum performance of your device. In the next step, you can continue to explore which flowmeter to choose that best suits your application.

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