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Mass flowmeter scale application in natural gas measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-01
Abstract: the mass flowmeter scale application in natural gas metering information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Tianchen bo rui the quality of the mass flowmeter can measure liquid not only, also can measure the quality of the gas, but on the metering of natural gas, the application must not many. In trade measurement of refined oil transmission pipeline, for example, gas stations and qi activity, and so on. The following. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a mass flowmeter scale application in natural gas metering article details. Tianchen bo rui the quality of the mass flowmeter can measure liquid not only, also can measure the quality of the gas, but on the metering of natural gas, the application must not many. In trade measurement of refined oil transmission pipeline, for example, gas stations and qi activity, and so on. The following will introduce tianchen bo rui mass flowmeter, how to apply on natural gas metering. 1, mass flowmeter features 1. 1, strengths, according to the working principle and structure, compared with the other meter, has the following advantages: (mass flowmeter measurement of natural gas 1) High measuring accuracy, good stability and realize the high precision of flow measurement directly. ( 2) Range than high, generally can be up to 20! 1 to 50! 1, some mass flowmeter its scope has been as high as 100! More than 1. ( 3) Is not affected by tube fluid flow state in the flow meter need not set straight pipe upstream and downstream. ( 4) Have no moving parts, test tube also unimpeded flow of parts, make flowmeter easier for maintenance and cleaning, long service life. ( 5) The medium has a wide adaptability, can be applied to maintain more difficult dirty air or moisture measurement. Can be applied to gas components and density change is larger. ( 6) Especially suitable for based on the quality of custody transfer metering and process control applications. 2. 2, faults, of course, has its drawbacks as well as mass flowmeter, when choose, should fully pay attention to the following points: ( 1) Cannot be used to measure the low density of natural gas. ( 2) Are more sensitive to external vibration interference, mass flowmeter have higher request for fixed installation. ( 3) Cannot be used to reduce runoff measurement. ( 4) The volume and weight of the larger; The pressure loss is bigger also. ( 5) The price is expensive. 2, mass flowmeter measurement methods at present, the international trade of natural gas metering transition have three system: one is the standard reference conditions of volume flow rate measurement, 2 it is quality measurement, three is a standard reference conditions of energy metering; The three kinds of measurement methods, mass flowmeter are able to separate or other form a complete set of equipment is complete; The existing standards is the domestic and international AGA11 # report SY/T6659 - 2006∀ Coriolis mass flowmeter was used to measure gas flow #. 2. 1, the quality measurement because of the mass flowmeter can directly measure the instantaneous mass flow rate of natural gas, has unique advantages in quality measurement, don't need other measurement equipment, can independently. 3, in the application of natural gas metering range 3. 1, although mass flowmeter in the application of pipeline gas mass flowmeter has many advantages, but it cannot be applied to reduce the amount of runoff measurement, shortcomings and so on pressure loss is bigger, the price is expensive, and limits its application in the measurement of gas transmission pipeline. At present, the mainstream of the long-distance pipeline is gas flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and the orifice meter. Orifice flowmeter with low accuracy, range than the small, the pressure loss is big, straight pipe flow meter before and after the request is longer, covers an area of big, involved in the testing of components is more more shortcomings, such as link needs to be maintained. The ultrasonic flowmeter with high accuracy and range than the big, no pressure loss, save energy; No moving parts, less maintenance, can save a lot of manpower and material resources. So the performance of the ultrasonic flowmeter is far higher than that of orifice flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter are gradually replaced the orifice meter as ideal product for the custody transfer of natural gas. Gas turbine flowmeter applied history is longer, technology is relatively mature, the application is also more common in the field of international natural gas metering. Is characterized by high accuracy, good stability, wide range comparison, the straight pipe is shorter, cover an area of an area small. But gas turbine flowmeter for high cleanliness requirements of the measured medium, as a result of the turbine meter impeller damage easily, so the former general requirements flowmeter installation filter; And also has a high requirement on operation. Lead to later period maintenance of turbine flowmeter is high. Although ultrasonic flowmeter has many advantages, but because of the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement principle for the propagation time difference method, when the ultrasonic flow meter diameter change hours of its acoustic propagation path is short, propagation time also shorter accordingly, propagation time difference would be difficult to get accurate measurement, the small diameter range ratio and accuracy of the ultrasonic flowmeter can fall. So in the pipeline gas metering, leaves the use of space to the mass flowmeter is basically only small diameter ( Under DN100) Two cases, and the dirty natural gas,
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