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Mass flowmeter in the application of carbonyl nickel gas measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-01
1. Preface JiLinJi en nickel industry company, the third refinery atmospheric pressure method is used to produce carbon nickel base powder is SHOU home technology in the world, will be generated in the reaction process base of nickel and carbon monoxide gas mixture, according to the different types of products on the market demand, we need to control the concentration of the mixed gas, but has not yet developed in international testing carbonyl nickel gas flowmeter. For this situation, JiLinJi en nickel industry co. , LTD. , the third refinery has a carbonyl nickel production line, raw materials for production of nickel oxide, end products for carbonyl Ke slag powder and carbonylation. Participate in the reaction gas for hydrogen, carbon monoxide, gas generated in the process of gas for carbonyl nickel. 2. Carbonyl nickel production process production process is shown in figure 1. 3. DS600S mass flowmeter selection on the basis of the third refinery of normal pressure method is used to produce carbonyl nickel powder is home SHOU technology in the world, after the reactor carbonylation to generate carbonyl nickel and carbon oxide gas mixture, for different grades, indicators Ke powder, nickel carbonyl gas in the gas mixture proportion are not the same, and this requires strict control of the concentration of the mixed gas and the flow rate, can be decomposed into different grades in the resolver nickel powder. But as a result of both at home and abroad has not been specially used to measure the carbonyl nickel gas flow meter, the composition of the gas mixture proportioning is also very difficult to control. So after many technology research and repeated argumentation, decided to choose mass flowmeter to measure. But because the carbonyl nickel gas in above 50 ℃ under the condition of decomposition, so thermal mass flowmeter measurement principle does not apply to carbonyl nickel gas flow measurement, so choose the coriolis mass flowmeter. Process design flow meter parameter is: diameter: 8 inch, 6 inh2o pressure, volume flow 1500 nm3 / hr, mass flow rate of 2933 kg/h, the temperature of 50 ℃. Coriolis flowmeter pressure loss is bigger, if choose flow under the condition of 1500 nm3 / hr of pressure drop to 2. 861 inh2o, in order to meet the requirements of pressure drop and pipe diameter, etc, ZUI eventually chose DS600S sensors. 4. Coriolis mass flowmeter principle of coriolis mass flowmeter is usually consists of three parts: sensor, transmitter and display. Some also according to customer needs to provide only two parts of the sensor and transmitter. Sensor is the sensitive element of the measuring tube. The shape of the measuring tube each are not identical, some with U tube, some with straight tube lamps, and use & Omega; Shape and s-shaped pipe. In the shape of different sometimes just to do the design patent infringement, no difference for measurement. Working principle of various sensors is the same: through the drive coil vibration measuring tube, fluid flows in vibrating tube coriolis force, in and out of the side of the measuring tube of coriolis force in the opposite direction, so sounding pipe will produce distortion, again through the electromagnetic detector or photoelectric detector, the distortion of the measuring tube into electrical signal, into the transmitter for further processing. Transmitter to low level signals from sensors or binary signal transformation, amplifier, the output is proportional to the flow rate of 4 ~ 20 ma standard signal. In the measurement of carbonyl nickel gas we choose DS600S flowmeter is Rosemount products, in the form of U tube, the sensor structure is shown in figure 2. 5. DS600S quality problems arising from the flow meter in the measurement and optimization DS600S flowmeter at the beginning of the operation, according to the amount of nickel powder output backstepping carbonyl nickel and carbon monoxide gas flow rate, a larger deviation, control the index of process system appear larger fluctuation, hardly conducive to production. Now will appear all kinds of situation analysis and the optimization solution are enumerated. 5. 1 the effect of nickel carbonyl gas circulation fan in the use of mass flowmeter considerations put forward: mass flowmeter to use incentive magnetic field at work, so it cannot be installed in a large transformer, motor, pump, such as the large magnetic field near the equipment, and keep them at least 0. 6 to 1. More than 0 m distance, to avoid interference. According to the requirements of the mass flowmeter installation, from the fan exit 1. 5 m for the installation of DS600S, due to the volume of a sensor is larger, the heavier weight, so steel structure platform on the 4th floor made foundation for support. But found in the measurement, meter measured value is not stable, a drift, a precision deviation.
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