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Introduction to orifice meter installation method

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-15

installation method: 1, the throttle device for the flange clamp installed shall generally be integral installation, and flange and pipe vertical; For not suitable for the whole installation, should consider the two flanges and the pipe verticality and parallelism of two flange face, to ensure the sealing performance of throttling device. 2, for the pipe flange connection type orifice directly can be installed on the pipeline as a whole. To tear open outfit, flange installation should pay attention to the flange face certain and vertical pipe axis, to ensure the reliable seal and measurement precision of apparatus. 3, orifice plate for welding type, welded flanges in the pipeline, Welding must pay attention to the axis of the orifice plate and pipe axis coaxial degree) 。 4, for the new pipeline purging pipes before installation, and pay attention to check the differential pressure transmitter, radiator, orifice throttling device safety factors such as whether to have influence or leakage hidden trouble; Light to take light put, prevent have knock against scratches on sealing surface. 5, toward the general for vertical differential pressure transmitter, such as should be adopted towards the other, should be in advance when you order it. 6, according to the relevant provisions of the state standard, calibration cycle of orifice plate for two years, if discover accurate in practical use, to cope with orifice plate for inspection or replacement, can contact our factory for repair or replacement.

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