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Instrument selection and flow measurement considerations

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-05
Abstract: the selection of instrument and the flow measurement method factor information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. If the requirement is higher than the above, indicating flow error between 2-10%, install a flow meter. If later steps that selection differential pressure meter, also don't have to be specially install orifice flow sensor, throttle body can bend flow. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, the following is a measurement instrument selection and flow factor article details. If the requirement is higher than the above, indicating flow error between 2-10%, install a flow meter. If later steps that selection differential pressure meter, also don't have to be specially install orifice throttling flow sensor, such as body, can use bend flow meter or or use outside of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter. 1. 2 primary distribution in measurement must be installed after the flow meter, further details about the requirement and conditions. First according to the fluid type and characteristics, adopts the elimination process in & other; The primary table & throughout; Cannot and should not be used in measuring scheme, the second step in-depth consideration and analysis. 1. 3 analysis of the factors according to the plan for the primaries, collecting samples each to primary instrument factory, selection of technical data and manuals, and fully understand the instrument performance specifications; Again respectively according to the performance requirements and instrument specifications, fluid properties, installation location, environmental conditions and economic consideration of five factors, according to the later sections of the proposed problems, analyze, compare list. Consider order according to the measurement and differ with the primary purpose and emphasis, generally begin with 'performance requirements and instrument specifications, then consider other factors as shown in figure 1. If applicable object think 'economic factors is the main factor ( If big diameter conveying pump, low cost, small business accounting measurement error caused by loss) , considering 'performance requirements and instrument specifications' factors, on the other hand, sometimes reply to consider migrating factors. Consider 2 2 flow characteristics. General 1 of 1. Section 2 primary measurement method by fluid type after the initial several applicable solutions, shall also be provided with process department for details of the fluid property parameters and properties, further consider the adaptability of the selected scheme. In addition to the type of fluid, usually consider the fluid temperature, pressure, density, viscosity and lubricity, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, etc. , some places and hygienic requirements. Some measuring methods consider special parameters, fluid physical properties such as the electromagnetic flowmeter for liquid conductivity. All kinds of flow meters are always fluid property in one or several parameters, the influence of so fluid property largely dominated for instrument model. The selected measuring method and instrument is not only to adapt to the current body of nature, but also in the process of measuring the influence of the fluid property of a parameter change. Common fluid density, viscosity, steam pressure and other parameters available from manual evaluation under the condition of using fluid parameters and technical specifications of the adaptive chosen instrument. But are often faced with are very clear about the precise composition of the fluid, temperature and pressure, flow characteristics and so on, to the user to identify fluid property value is difficult, at this time should consult factory, estimates that can it be used to the selected instrument. 2. 2 fluid temperature and pressure must be carefully defines the working pressure and temperature of fluid, especially when measuring gas temperature and pressure changes caused by excessive density may be change the choice of measurement methods. Flow characteristics such as temperature or pressure change to cause major change and influence the performance such as measurement accuracy, temperature and (necessary for Or) Pressure correction. In addition, the flow for the structure design and selection of instrument shell material is determined by the fluid temperature and pressure, so you must know exactly what the pressure and temperature of zui daiwa zui little value. Pressure and temperature change is large, more should be particularly careful selection. Certainly some even when measuring gas flow meter ( Such as differential pressure type) Flow limit the temperature and pressure, is in working condition or under standard condition? 2. 3 most of fluid density and proportion of liquid applications, its density and specific gravity is relatively constant, unless large density changes caused by the temperature change is very big and generally does not need to be corrected. In gas application places, some of the instrument range and linear degrees, depending on the gas density, usually need to know in standard state values in order to select and use condition. Also have to convert the value of the flow state to some recognition ratio, this method is applied widely in oil and gas storage and transportation. Low density for some measurement method using gas momentum pushing instrument detecting element work ( Such as turbine meter) , present difficulties.
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