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Installation of Coriolis Flow Meter

Installation of Coriolis Flow Meter


In spite of pipe vibrations or whether the pipe is horizontal or vertical, Coriolis flow meters can be installed in any type of pipe. The best results are obtained by installing piping supports on both sides of the meter. If installation instructions require special supports, the meter may be very sensitive to vibrations. To compensate for vibrations, mass flow meter manufacturers provide pulsation dampeners, flexible connectors, or clamping brackets.

Coriolis flow meters are supported by a variety of mechanisms, including U shape coriolis mass flow meter, V shape coriolis mass flow meter, U bolt clamps, pipe hangers, and block clamps. These mechanisms are not necessary for newer models.

Coriolis Flow Meter Installation:

Planning Process

Before beginning the installation process, many factors need to be taken into account. Each element of the process needs to be carefully examined to ensure that the meter performs properly. Modern Coriolis flow meters are not affected by vibrations, but they should be supported by standard piping supports either side of them.

In order to ensure that there are no environmental considerations that need to be addressed before purchasing the meter, it is important to inspect the space where it will be installed for temperature and hazardous conditions. High temperature and hazardous environment meters are available.

The classification, division, and groups describe the type of meter as well as the fluids or gases that it can monitor. When selecting a meter for any function, it is essential that it has the correct classification, otherwise the data could be inaccurate or even harmful.


As meters must be positioned to suit the types of fluids, gases, liquids, water, or slurries that need to be monitored and measured, the installation orientation indicates the type of material to be monitored.


As the vibrations of a pump can interfere with readings, it is recommended to place the sensor away from any form of interference, such as a pump. Sensors in a series should be placed at least two meters apart. The expansion and contraction of pipes should be taken into account regardless of the temperature range of the flow meter.

Depending on the substance being measured, aside from the rules for orientation, the meter should be mounted along a straight line of piping and not at a high point or a low point or drop line. During installation, the measuring tube or tubes need to be filled with the medium to be measured.


The zeroing for every model, type, design, and size of coriolis type flow meteris unique to the meter. The zeroing of a Coriolis flow meter is an automated process performed by the meter, which can be accessed via its zero setting menu. The meter will then zero itself by selecting yes.

Coriolis flow meters should be warmed up according to the coriolis flow meter manufacturers' specifications prior to zeroing, which can take anywhere between five to ten minutes up to fifteen to twenty minutes.

To ensure that the zeroing is accurate, it is important that the tube or tubes of the meter are filled with fluid or gas such that air cannot be trapped in the tubes. By circulating fluid through the meter at a speed of two to six feet per second, air can be removed for several minutes.

For the calibration process to be successful, the meter must be full of the material being monitored under zero flow conditions. The error factor is a fixed value of 0.05 kilograms per minute, which affects the measurement of flow by that much during operation.

Once the zero stability is set, the flow meter will offer optimum performance that is several times superior to any other method of measurement. It is suggested to repeat the zeroing function three or four times to determine if there is any interference.

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