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How do I know how much type gas flowmeter scale instrument

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-23
Abstract: how to type gas flowmeter scale quantity instrument information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. In the use of natural gas flowmeter is instrument selection problems in the first place. Gas flowmeter selection is not an easy thing, it must consider many factors. Roughly: instrument, fluid characteristics, performance, installation requirements, environmental conditions, and the price. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here's how to selection of natural gas flow meter scale quantity meter article details. In the use of natural gas flowmeter is instrument selection problems in the first place. Gas flowmeter selection is not an easy thing, it must consider many factors. Roughly: instrument, fluid characteristics, performance, installation requirements, environmental conditions, and price factors, etc. Through careful analysis and comparison, after careful consideration to make the decision. Once the decision is wrong, may make the measurement result in failure. Which to measure objects ( That is the actual status of the fluid) Know exactly what is very important, to point out here that is not a user of your measuring objects have a accurate understanding, often need to type selection design in-depth investigation to clear. In the measurement of the city design of city gas system, should choose what kind of flow meter, roughly such aspects. For the measurement of the work in the oil metering system for decades researchers, for a gas such as natural gas metering, tend to be too easy to choose natural gas orifice flow meter, will think that this is already settled. But the thorough analysis after clear orifice is inappropriate. Downstream of city gas metering station position are often scattered numerous users, some even are all residents. In all gas cooking time, traffic zui, basic don't gas between two meals, small flow zui. Ups and downs in such a large flow range with a span ratio is 3:1 the orifice is certainly does not apply, in less than orifice zui small flow out of measurement. Such as a piece of orifice range is 300 ~ 900 m3 / h, when only a few households in the gas, gas flow rate is less than 300 m3 / h, the gas will loss. The orifice gas flowmeter is often used in the following situations: (1) large caliber occasions, when the diameter is larger than 600 m, generally no other optional instrument, can only choose orifice plate; (2) in the whole measurement process, the flow rate is constant, flow range shall not exceed the orifice plate 3:1 range than; (3) for industrial monitoring measurement, even if the range is big, can use a set of continuous orifice diameter ( More than ten blocks) Range to cover, at the same time, don't care about in replacing orifice ( Refers to is not shutdown in senior orifice valve orifice) Don't measure the part of the natural gas loss. Oil field workers is another principle of selection of flowmeter, choose no moving components of the flowmeter, think so no wear, flowmeter and durable. Therefore, consider to choose vortex gas flowmeter. But after analysis that the use of the gas vortex street flowmeter haggai St limited (straw 再保险≥ 4000). , namely the downstream in the small flow metering station position, the velocity of flow can not meet the requirements, also can't accurate measurement, so choosing gas vortex street flowmeter is not appropriate. Already mentioned, in front of the waist wheel one thousand stuck gas flowmeter, equal to cut off the gas source, so the waist wheel doesn't work. Because of the pressure loss is bigger (precession vortex gas flowmeter And the bad anti-jamming ability of domestic table) For the pressure loss of the object of the city is not applicable. After zui, or selected turbine gas flowmeter, mainly use foreign advanced high quality gas turbine gas flowmeter. It wide range, measurement range can be up to 15:1 ~ 30:1, in the case of high pressure gas measurement range can also increase; Loss of pressure; Accuracy is not lower than level 1, and its affected by flow field change than orifice meter. In comparison, the turbine gas flowmeter compact structure, small size. Easy installation, low cost. Another remarkable characteristic is: pulse output, more convenient and the use of computer matching. They are solved the wheel bearing and durable, resistant to more dirty medium, anti-jamming and little maintenance. Such as bearing with Boeing aircraft engine bearing materials, design for the whole sealing condition, dirty medium make it difficult to affect the bearing parts, etc. According to information, can guarantee high quality gas flowmeter in the use of 8 ~ 15 years later still can maintain the accuracy of the original. According to the survey, in Europe and the United States in natural gas industry, the turbine flowmeter is the second after orifice meter legal gas flowmeter, has developed for many varieties, many specifications, full range, mass production of natural gas flow meter. Its real are also behind orifice meter. The Dutch natural gas industry application of turbine flowmeter has thousands, in Russia also has a large number of applications. Application of gas turbine gas flowmeter standard specification is complete. The international organization for standardization promulgated in 1993, the international standard ISO9951 the gas flow measurement in a closed pipe & ndash; — — Turbine flowmeter '; International legal metrological organization ( OIML) Introduced the two international recommendations related to the gas turbine flowmeter R6 general specification of the gas volume flow meter and R32 the rotary piston type gas flowmeter and the turbine flowmeter. And the United States enacted AGA7 number report the turbine meter was used to measure gas flow to laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the above standards. In fact, we after several years of practical application of the advanced foreign flowmeter, got better solution to make the gas metering. Argon gas flowmeter flowmeter gas flowmeter flue gas flow meter above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me factory flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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