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Gas meter of metal tube float flowmeter features

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-25

metal pipe flow meter is commonly used in industrial automation process control of a variable area flow meter. It has small volume, wide detection range, convenient use, etc. It can be used to measure the rate of flow of liquid, gas and steam, especially suitable for low velocity of small flow of medium flow measurement. Metal tube flow meter measuring some features: ( 1) Solid metal structure design type flow meter ( 2) Adopt independent concept design of measuring tube indicator, 3) Is available in stainless steel, hartz alloy, titanium, PTFE material measurement system ( 4) Low pressure loss design ( 5) Short stroke, small structure design, total height of 250 meters ( 6) Magnetic coupling structure to ensure that the data transmission, the signal is more stable ( 7) Thermal insulation or heating jacket ( 8) Vertical, horizontal, all kinds of installation method is more suitable for different occasions ( 9) Suitable for small diameter and low velocity medium flow measurement ( 10) With data recovery, data backup and power-fail protection function ( 11) Straight pipe for the request is not high, 12) The flow of wider than 10:1 ( 13) Double line large LCD display, optional site, according to the instantaneous/cumulative flow can bring a backlight ( 14) Uniaxial sensitive indicator ( 15) Non-contact magnetic coupling transmission, 16) All metal structure, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive medium ( 17) Can be used for flammable, explosive or dangerous situations ( 18) Choose two wire, battery, ac power supply way ( 19) Multiple parameter calibration function ( 20) Reliable operation, small amount of maintenance, long service life ( 21) Metal pipe flow meter can be used as gas flowmeter can be used for measurement of liquid flow rate also

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