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Four advantages of mass flow meters

Four advantages of mass flow meters


1. Accurate quantitative control of flow meter

The mass flow meter can accurately control the given amount of gas, which is especially useful for the flow control of many processes and the ratio control of different gases.

2. Automation of measurement control

The mass flowmeter can output the flow measurement value as a standard electrical signal. In this way, it is easy to realize the digital display of the flow, the automatic measurement of the cumulative flow, the automatic data recording, and the computer management. For mass flow meters, automatic flow control can also be achieved. Usually, the analog MFC/MFM input and output signal is 0~+5V or 4~20mA, and the digital MFC/MFM is also equipped with RS232 or RS485 digital serial communication port, which can be easily connected with the computer for automatic control.

3. Wide application range

The mass flowmeter has a wide working pressure range, our products can be from vacuum to 10MPa; it can be applied to a variety of gas media; it has a wide flow range, our products have a small flow range up to 0~5sccm, and the larger Flow range up to 0 ~ 200slm. The resolution of the flow display can reach 0.1% of the full scale, and the flow control range is 2 to 100% of the full scale. The turndown ratio is 50:1, so it is widely used in many fields.

4. The measurement and control of the flow rate will not be inaccurate due to fluctuations in temperature or pressure.

For most flow measurement and control systems, it is difficult to avoid pressure fluctuations in the system and temperature changes in the environment and media. For ordinary flow meters, fluctuations in pressure and temperature will lead to large errors; for mass flowmeters, they can generally be ignored.

How to do a good job in regular maintenance of mass flow meter

Do a good job in the regular maintenance of the mass flow meter. If you choose a coriolis type mass flow meter, you must ensure its good working condition before you have the conditions for the mass flowmeter to perform custody transfer measurement.

1) Adhere to regular inspection and maintenance

Regularly inspect the equipment, collect the alarm information of the mass flow meter, find problems, and deal with them in time. One is that the instantaneous volume flow does not set a small flow cut-off, which is convenient for checking the deviation of the zero position of the mass flowmeter during the inspection. When it is found that the zero position of the mass flow meter deviates from the zero value too much, carry out the zero position confirmation, and the zero position confirmation can be selected to be carried out immediately after the suspension or completion of the loading or loading process. Before confirming the zero position, it is also recommended to keep the pipeline pressure the same as that at the time of shipment, and close the front and rear valves of the mass flowmeter tightly. Second, as a mass flowmeter for custody transfer measurement, the zero position of the mass flowmeter should be confirmed regularly. Generally, once a month in summer and once a week in winter when the ambient temperature changes greatly.

2) Adhere to regular analysis of metering data and process it in a timely manner

In order to ensure the accuracy of coriolis mass flow meter measurement and solve measurement disputes, it is necessary to analyze the data of mass flow meter. Analyzing, judging and processing various data of mass flowmeters on the docks, such as temperature, density, instantaneous mass and volume flow, cumulative mass and volume flow, zero position, etc., for historical data analysis, judgment and processing, which also greatly reduces oil trade Disputes over handover and measurement.

3) Adhere to the regular verification of the mass flow meter

According to the regulations of "Mass Flow Meters", the verification cycle of flow meters used for trade settlement shall not exceed one year. When there is a big dispute during the shipment and use of the mass flow meter, the flowmeter can also be removed at any time for inspection. However, the working condition of the medium used for offline verification of the mass flow meter is different from that in actual use. After the verification, there will be transportation vibration, and there will be installation stress after reinstallation. The measurement accuracy will be greatly affected, and it will not even meet the requirements of custody transfer measurement. .

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