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Electromagnetic flowmeter selection

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-03
Applied to the water in the water treatment system using electromagnetic flowmeter measurement and its lining material choose neoprene, more because of its good wear resistance; Measurement of water treatment chemicals, ptfe lining anti-corrosion material selection more. Its installation should be paid attention to from the outside source of electromagnetic field, so as not to affect the sensor's working flow measurement magnetic field and the interference signal, when mounted horizontally, the sensor requires two electrodes in the center of a horizontal state, prevent particle impurities deposition, influence the working electrode. The measuring tube shall be the full package, does not allow a large number of bubbles through the sensor, when can not meet the conditions, corresponding measures should be taken.

in order to make the instrument work reliably, improve the measurement accuracy, without external parasitic potential interference, the sensor should have a good grounding line alone, and grounding resistance should be less than 10 & Omega; , especially when installed on the cathodic protection pipe. Such as in a certain factory factory installed on main electromagnetic flowmeter, due to the pipeline cathodic protection is adopted, electrolytic corrosion protection of pipes is the insulation between the lining and the outer wall, no grounding potential measured medium so can't work normally. If electromagnetic flowmeter sensor built-in grounding electrode wouldn't have this problem.

converter should be installed in place to meet the requirements of the degree of protection, under the premise of meeting the installation environment and use requirement, converter and the distance between the sensor and the connection cable as short as possible, and can't use cable connection among them, reduce the interference may produce high voltage signal.

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