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Electromagnetic flow meter scale and regulator method of optimal configuration of measurement system

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-01
Abstract: the electromagnetic flow meter scale and regulator optimization method for measuring system configuration information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Application of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and the regulator is tend to be truly reflect the purpose of a production process consume in particular the amount of fluid, but the measurements in the complete measurement tasks at the same time, influenced by its structure principle and inevitably brings the fluid to be delivered. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the scale and regulator electromagnetic flowmeter measurement system optimal allocation method of the article details. Application of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and the regulator is tend to be truly reflect the purpose of a production process consume in particular the amount of fluid, but the measurements in the complete measurement tasks at the same time, influenced by its structure principle also inevitably cause the pressure loss of fluid to be delivered and flow loss. According to the system point of view, and in the measurement system composed of flow meter and control valve, only the flow optimization configuration or only the regulator of optimized configuration, can't say that the measurement system is already optimized configuration; Must also flow meter and control valve system optimization. In the process of how to measure the system pressure loss and fluid flow loss is reduced to zui low limit, is what we lack in the previous work and in the process of creating a resource-conserving enterprise must be thinking and practice of the new task. Successive the further: 1, the design phase of the project, enterprise's technical personnel shall be in joint review engineering design drawings, according to the production process requirements parameters, choice of equipment and piping of the theoretical derivation and calculation. In 2, daily measurement equipment installation and maintenance, pay attention to the technical data, especially the actual installation technology to record data and maintain technical data preservation and comb. 3, pay attention to the academic exchanges, seminars, and related technical data collecting and combing newspapers and magazines. 4, respectively, to establish the flow pressure loss and flow loss, pressure loss of the regulator of the mathematical model and the mathematical model of flow loss, and then integrate flow meter and control valve is built and the simulation mathematical model of pressure loss of the system and the flow loss. 5, create a flow meter and control valve fluid measurement system optimization software, to guide for flow meter and control valve zui combination configuration. One, the practice of the optimal allocation of flowmeter, the manufacturer only attaches great importance to the inserted into the production of the instrument itself, the check, and ignored the application condition of it; Enterprise users tend to notice the accord with theoretical demand, while ignoring the specific optimization configuration. (1) meter before the straight segment of optimizing the allocation of throttling a straight pipe upstream and downstream, including throttling a clamping ring and flow regulator when using, can be in accordance with the national standard GB/T2624 - 93 of the regulation, determine the straight pipe straight section of pipe diameter, straight degree and roundness, the necessary length of straight pipe, the throttling parts clamping ring, flow regulator. [2] the flow pressure loss optimal allocation on the premise of meet the measurement requirements, select the throttle pressure difference before and after a zui small flow meter, in order to reduce the pressure loss of fluid in the flow time and flow loss. This, in the real application is often ignored. Jinan measurement in blast furnace cooling pipeline optimizing the allocation of gas meter, reduce the gas pressure loss through the flowmeter, improve the supply air volume per unit time, promote the furnace condition along the line, to achieve significant economic benefits. Second, the optimized allocation of regulating valve for flow meter, valve is part of the pipeline. Performance of pipeline in its length and diameter of straight pipe, the former section reflects on the velocity distribution have been discussed, and the inner diameter of the impact on the accuracy of flow measurement errors will be several times the output differential pressure measurement error. Regulator of optimal allocation is on the premise of meet the flowmeter is fluent, through the comparison and calculation of regulating valve, adjust the reliable, flexible, open zui large amount of regulating valve and validate the pipe fluid velocity change of pressure fluctuations, to find a solution to the fluid through the regulator with zui less pressure loss and flow loss. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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