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Do ultrasonic flowmeters need regular maintenance? What are the advantages of ultrasonic flowmeters!

by:Sincerity     2022-05-25
Do ultrasonic flowmeters need regular maintenance? What are the advantages of ultrasonic flowmeters! Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact flowmeter. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the fluid, its propagation speed is affected by the flow rate. By measuring the propagation speed of the ultrasonic wave in the fluid, the flow rate of the fluid can be detected and the flow rate can be converted. As a kind of instrument, maintenance is indispensable. Only with good maintenance can the measurement be more accurate and the service life will be longer. Regular maintenance and calibration are indispensable for maintenance. The details are as follows. 1. Regular maintenance is required Compared with other flow meters, the maintenance of ultrasonic flow meters is relatively small. For example, for the ultrasonic flowmeter with externally attached transducer, there is no water pressure loss and no potential water leakage after installation. It is only necessary to regularly check whether the transducer is loose and whether the adhesive between the transducer and the pipeline is good; plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter , It is necessary to regularly clean the impurities, scale, etc. deposited on the probe for water leakage; for integrated ultrasonic flowmeters, check whether the flange connection between the flowmeter and the pipeline is good, and consider the impact of on-site temperature and humidity on its electronic components Wait. Regular maintenance can ensure long-term stable operation of the ultrasonic flowmeter. Let’s implement it now. The maintenance of instruments is a long-term process, and the same is true for other instruments. 2. Verify and verify in time For users who have installed a large number and wide range of ultrasonic flowmeters on site, they can be equipped with a portable ultrasonic flowmeter of the same type to verify the situation of on-site instruments. One is to insist on one installation and one calibration, that is, to check each new ultrasonic flowmeter during installation and commissioning to ensure that the location is selected, installed properly, and the measurement is accurate; It is necessary to use the portable ultrasonic flowmeter to check in time, find out the cause of the sudden change of flow, and figure out whether the instrument has failed or the flow has indeed changed. This allows the flow meter to be monitored for usage, which in turn can detect problems and perform maintenance. Let's take a look at the advantages of ultrasonic flowmeters. 1. Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact measuring instrument, which can be used to measure fluid flow and large diameter flow that are not easy to touch and observe. It does not change the flow state of the fluid, produces no pressure loss, and is easy to install. 2. It can measure the flow of strong corrosive medium and non-conductive medium. 3. The measurement range of the ultrasonic flowmeter is large, and the diameter of the pipe ranges from 20mm to 5m. 4. Ultrasonic flow meters can measure the flow of various liquids and sewage. 5. The volume flow measured by the ultrasonic flowmeter is not affected by the thermophysical parameters such as temperature, pressure, viscosity and density of the measured fluid. Can be made into fixed and portable two forms.
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