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Conduction type radar level meter in oily wastewater should be level measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-03
Into oily wastewater, acid and alkali waste water, industrial wastewater containing chromium waste water, and other types. In metallurgical enterprise, oily waste water accounts for a large proportion. Compared with the general industrial water, industrial waste water is complex, the nature of the nature of the different wastewater with different characteristics, different requirements for instrument measuring equipment is put forward, in the design of the instrument selection, special attention should be paid. 1. Problems in oily wastewater treatment process, before processing, set up one or several oily wastewater adjusting pool, on the one hand, because of the waste water source is not stable, the adjusting pool play a buffer action; Oily wastewater in regulating pond, on the other hand, quiet place, and through the steam heating, can make the part of the emulsion demulsification, let the separation of oil from the water, have the effect of pretreatment. After demulsification of oil floating on the surface of the water, float reservoir formation, by skimming machines will be recycled. A wastewater treatment system renovation project of abrasion in baosteel, the technological requirements of oily waste water regulating pool level measurement, monitor and measure the signals to the central control room. Through the careful observation, found an oily waste water to adjust the medium inside the pool distribution is shown in figure 1 is available. From top to bottom in turn for oil at the bottom of the foam layer, floating oil, oily waste water and sludge sedimentation. Oil and oil spray is 10 ~ 20 cm thick, usually more sticky, and dirty impurities mixed in. Such medium conditions, it is difficult to make the oily waste water level measurement. Field using the original float type level gauge, the use of machine maple drive on-site instructions, signal cannot be far eastone, unable to meet the need of centralized control now. And use a long time, rope and pulley jammed occur frequently. Level indicator is the opposite, that is, high level, pointer below; Liquid level is low, the pointer on the above, do not conform to the ordinary people's visual habit. If you use the substitute side of the float type level gauge mounted magnetic level gauge, turning can be equipped with remote transmitter, the signal is transmitted to the central control room. But due to the same machine maple driving part, after a long time, high failure rate, maintenance workload big problem still not solved. For the top mounted magnetic level gauge, turning due to large scale ( 5m) , need to install below prevent buoy excursion fence, but oil and impurities can prevent buoy freedom movement up and down, the liquid level measurement bias, and even make the buoy stuck. Due to oil adhesion, rf admittance level causes deviation could not be measured accurately. Thick oil spray on the surface, make ultrasonic liquid level meter and general non-contact radar level gauge can obtain reliable reflection signals, which cannot be measured. The bottom of the sedimentation of sludge, also can make the static pressure type level gauge probe plug. 2. Measuring principle and advantages, through the analysis and study of problems in the project of oily waste water level measurement, ZUI eventually chose conduction type radar liquid level gauge. The structure and measuring principle is shown in figure 2. Radar type material level meter is based on the principle of time domain reflection measurement. Time is very short, General is 1 ms) A bunch of low power radar pulse wave ( A) Through the transmission rod ( Steel rod or wire rope) Guided down launch, at the speed of light spread down the conductor, radar and waste oil foam first meet, but almost no radar wave is reflected. Radar wave continues to spread to float downward reservoir, oil of low dielectric constant ( ∈ r = 2 ~ 3) , in addition to a small part of the radar wave ( B) Be reflected, the rest of the wave continues to spread in the media, until it met the oil-water interface. The dielectric constant of water more than oil ( ∈ r = 70 ~ 80) Almost as the total reflection of medium, almost all radar wave is reflected, C) 。 The higher the dielectric constant of medium, the more significant effect of radar reflected, so the signal C better than B. Signal through the signal filtering processing, calculating the time interval of A and C can be concluded that waste water level compared with other means of level measurement, there are many other forms of transmission type radar level meter gauge does not have the characteristics and advantages, suitable for many traditional principle in * level measurement. Its advantages are mainly as follows: (1) radar signal along the transmission rod transmission, the transmission and reflection energy concentration, almost without any attenuation, the reflected signal is strong, is not affected by smoke steam bubbles, such as the interference of external factors; (2) radar signal along the transmission rod transmission, due to the guiding role, there is no emission Angle problem, is not subject to interference caused by container shape to be tested the effects of reflection, low requirement to the installation environment, can be applied to complex installation conditions; (3) radar signal along the transmission rod transmission, radar wave at the speed of light in the guided wave transmission in the body, compared with the ultrasonic liquid level meter, not affected by pressure and temperature change; (4) fight smeary adhere, reliable measurement; (5) precision and stability are high, medium dielectric constant change or deviation has no impact on the material level measurement; 6. Header and conduction rod can be separated, when header electronic parts need to be replaced, conducting bar don't have to remove the container, can prevent the leakage of harmful medium and erosion; 7 no moving parts, transmission rod completely fixed, no integrated electronic components. Daily maintenance workload is almost zero, adjustment range is also very convenient, can be carried out & other; Dry & throughout; Debug the conduction oil type radar level gauge can also be used for the measurement and the dielectric constant is small ( ∈ r( 2) Material measurement, limited space, this article will not be discussed, can see the introduction of other data. 3. Performance in this project, a total of three conduction type radar level meter used in thick oily waste water in the pool of liquid level measurement adjustment. After nearly a year of operation practice, proves that the conduction type radar level gauge is reliable and accurate, no polluted adhesive, the influence of unfavorable factors such as reservoir bubble, implements the oily waste water level are accurate and reliable measurement. Daily maintenance basically achieved & other; Zero maintenance & throughout; , the field staff working condition of the liquid level meter is very satisfied.
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