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Applied to the process control of the flow measurement instrument is required

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-29
Abstract: applied in process control of flow measuring requirements of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Flowmeters are widely used in process control, flow meter in the role of process control is to test the seal fluid flow in pipes, if necessary, will also flow measuring and adjusting instruments, actuators, etc to adjust system, the flow stability in the right. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is applied to the process control of flow measuring requirements of article details. Flowmeters are widely used in process control, flow meter in the role of process control is to test the seal fluid flow in pipes, if necessary, will also flow measuring and adjusting instruments, actuators, etc to adjust system, the flow stability in appropriate range, so as to realize the stability of the process. Flow measurement instrument in the process control for such a specific task, so need to meet some requirements. 1, stable performance, (1) flow measuring output should have good stability, if there is a noise flow signal itself, should be through the damping adjustment in the table, make stable to value for easy reading. With the regulator of regulating system, should make the controller output has no obvious oscillation. (2) the flow measurement instrument said the value of the environment temperature should be within the prescribed scope of technical indicators. (3) instrument should have a good long term stability. 2, 1) the reliability of the instrument should be highly reliability requirements. Device tends to the continuous process of large-scale modern industry, the instrument faults easily lead to instability of the process, for installation in the line of flow meters in the event of failure, and impossible to repair specially to stop the process, so the instrument manufacturing and system design should first consider the reliability, including the reliability of the thermal resistance for temperature compensation. Compared with some instrument makers are prone to fault the inconvenience of maintenance parts of double. There are some manufacturers design the replacement under the condition of continuous flow sensor methods. Some electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer provides a continuous flow replaced electrode methods and tools, all of these improve reliability created good conditions. (2) fault diagnosis. Instrument in the event of failure, failure diagnosis part should be able to automatically tip failure positions and failure properties, in order to shorten the time of the troubleshooting WeiXiuZhe. In instrument digital communication method after diagnostic information into the computer, computer can monitor the operational status of the instrument, the instrument failure signal alarm, and display the fault content, or even take the necessary safety measures. 3, strong anti-jamming capability (1) vibration interference resistance. Most of flow sensor installed on the pipeline, the environment condition is bad, one vibrating interference, so the flow sensor, converter, etc should have strong ability of anti-interference. Some of the vortex street flowmeter and the coriolis mass flowmeter is not ideal because the ability to resist vibration interference, at the scene with bad, appear & other; Out of thin air & throughout; And & other High value & throughout; Wait for a phenomenon. (2) the ability to resist radio frequency interference. At the scene of the industrial installation flowmeter has a variety of interference sources, such as the workshop of driving past, or someone nearby interphone, forklift truck drove will cause certain flow meter said value increases, this is because the driving the radio frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by appliances, forklift truck, spark plugs, walkie-talkie radio frequency electromagnetic wave from the antenna by some ways into the instrument, interfere with its work. In recent years, people began to attach importance to influence on radio frequency interference. Measuring instrument add radio frequency interference effect index, and take many measures to improve the anti-interference ability. 4, impact time is short, there are many flow measuring up and regulator in regulating system, requirements of flow measuring response time within 1 s. Constant value control system in traffic, the flow measurement link if the total time constant is greater than 1 s, could significantly influence on control quality, serious causes the system oscillation, unable to work. 5, the diversity of the output signal (1) analog output. Flow measurement instrument should be 4 ~ 20 ma analog output, and should be persistence flow characteristics. (2) the frequency output. The flow transmitter ( Converter) Flow signals in the frequency to display instrument or regulator, can basically no loss of accuracy, it is the outstanding advantages of this method. (3) digital output. Flow measuring RS485 communication port connected to the computer, such as supported by special software, not only will the flow measurement instrument to measure various parameters to the computer, the fault information and on the status of the configuration data, characterization instrument for data transfer to the computer, and the field instruments can be changed by computer in the control room configuration, inspection, calibration, maintenance and management of each work. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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