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Application of elliptical gear flowmeter measurement system for internal combustion engine oil consumption

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-29
The invention of the internal combustion engine greatly promoted the development of human society has been widely applied in all kinds of machinery. At the same time, the internal combustion engine as a fuel, install a * metering equipment to achieve its oil consumption, to control the cost, it is necessary that the aim of energy conservation and emissions reduction. In railway locomotive and ship Marine fuel oil monitoring system at home and abroad have certain research, developed a fuel evaluation system. * to determine the operation of diesel engine under various conditions of differential and integral fuel consumption, to accurately judge the running locomotive thermodynamic state, this paper analyzes the reasons of the locomotive fuel, and environmental protection, security, economic control method provides a scientific basis. In the operation of the ship, a ship fuel management system, ship sailing to optimize the operating software. Implements the fuel of fine management, to the ship operations management, manufacturing and maintenance has the very vital significance. Used to measure the flow meter, has more than 60 respectively based on mechanics, thermology, acoustics, electrical principle, etc. Classified according to the structure principle, the main displacement, the impeller type, differential pressure type, variable area type, the momentum and impulse, electromagnetic, ultrasonic flowmeter and mass flowmeter, etc. According to the working condition of internal combustion engine, fuel properties and flow state, the selection of the sensor. In order to guarantee the life of the instrument and accuracy, also pay special attention to the requirement of vibration and stress level, the header is far greater than the measured medium pressure, typically take 1. 25 times, in order to make sure no leak or an accident. Internal combustion engines generally have oil inlet and return pipe, through the pump circulation, the difference between the two pipe flow is the actual fuel consumption. There are three kinds of internal combustion engine working condition of the limit, ZUI speed with high torque, rotating speed of high-power ZUI, starting speed. The designed flow requirements must be under three kinds of extreme conditions can work normally. At the same time, the machine may produce pulse flow, when the sensor is sensitive to cope with pulsating flow is not selected. In addition, the fuel oil viscosity is also a factor to consider. Comprehensive above factors, the volumetric flow measurement method is adopted, the selection of the elliptical gear measurement form. Oval gear flowmeter has high accuracy, As a general rule, be 0. Special reach 0. 5%, 2%) , low requirements for installation, in rotating flow and pipe resistance change in flow velocity field has no effect on measuring * degrees, no front straight pipe requirements, installation is simple, takes up less space. Wide measuring range and is not sensitive to fluid viscosity, suitable for the measurement of fuel. Range than wide, generally reach 10:1, special to spake or higher, in theory is suitable for internal combustion engine working condition of three kinds of measurement requirements. On the oval gear is equipped with magnetic steel, using hall effect to detect the rotation of the elliptical gear, according to the characteristics of the sensor output signal design secondary instrument, including the signal conditioning circuit and display part. This paper according to actual working condition of internal combustion engine design experiments, simulate the work in three kinds of extreme conditions. The experimental results show that the system under the big, ZUI torque speed and ZUI high-power speed measurement error is relatively small, but under the starting speed error is large. After ZUI, by analyzing the experimental data and the cause of the great error in the system at low speed, progressive improvement measures are put forward. 1. Oval gear sensor principle and structure of 1. 1 measurement principle measuring principle is shown in figure 1. Measurement part consists of two mutually meshing elliptical gear and the shell ( Measuring room) . In an elliptical gear equivalence each installed on a magnetic steel, fluid through, and will cause the rotation of the elliptical gear, the rotation is equivalent to the space magnetic field modulation. Then, using the principle of magnetic susceptibility detection, the periodic magnetic field changes the signal into electrical signal, ZUI eventually will flow through the signal conversion circuit value displayed. Oval gear on the pressure difference of the measured medium delta P = P1 - Under the action of P2, make its rotational torque. When Ⅰ position, A pulley, B for the driven wheel, this is because the P1 & gt; P2, both of us make the wheel torque A clockwise, the round of A half moon between shell and volume of medium to export, and drive wheel B counterclockwise rotation; Ⅱ as the middle position, A and B are primarily pulley; In III position, on A round of P1 and P2 action of moment is zero, role in the joint torque on the wheel to make B B wheel rotate counterclockwise, and have to inhale half moon volume of medium to export, then B mainly pulley, A driven wheel. So on circulation, round round A and B each other alternately by turns the other ー, will again and again in the half moon volume measured medium from import to export. Obviously, the elliptical gear turn every week measured medium quality theoretical value for the elimination half moon where V0 volume 4 times. Figure 1, the half moon are optimally suited for cross-sectional area S casing radius corresponding semicircle area and half elliptical gear area, the difference between the: S = & PI; / 2 ( R2- ab) Half moon volume where V0 is: where V0 = = SL & PI; / 2 r2l - π /2abL=π / 2 ( R2- ab) L of the above two type, a is the elliptical gear semi-major axis, b for short oval gear axle shaft, radius, R for measuring room shell L for the elliptical gear axial height.
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