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Why the sewage flow meter phrase? How to deal with

by:Sincerity     2021-02-07
Electromagnetic flowmeter by the electromagnetic flow sensor and electromagnetic flow converter composed of two parts. Is the main component of the measuring tube, electrode, excitation coil, iron core and magnetic yoke and shells. Sensor of measuring tube is a lining insulation of permeability alloys short tube. Sewage flowmeter work flow generated by the signal is very weak, so the key parts of the earth must be kept unobstructed, is must be the electrical conductivity of a liquid or slurry flow body, should not be contained more ferromagnetic substance or bubbles. 1. The choice of installation position must from the vibrations from magnetic field. Liquid should guarantee the full package state measured medium, improper installation or aging products are easy to cause the installation tube. 2. Sensor should set the grounding line alone, not even on the motor or other electrical products using common ground. 3. Change the meter installation location. 4. Replace the sealing of the flat washer. 5. In vertical process piping installation location choice in the bottom-up. 6. Position in the upstream process piping installation periodically and exhaust gas collector. 7. After the first five at least three times the diameter of straight pipe section. 8. Position in the upstream process piping installation periodically and exhaust gas collector. The impurities in the liquid, it is also a common case, lining of sewage flow meter electrode and in this case, the wear will be very severe, electrode wear and tear will directly lead to error. 1. Choose the right lining. 2. Increase the process pipe size, medium slows down. 3. Using type electrode, reduce impurities of electrode wear damage.
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